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"By the way, Disney's live action Beauty and The Beast opens today", the Assistant said amongst the daily summary.

What was the first musical you saw that inspired you to want to be a performer yourself?

Walt Disney Pictures' Beauty and the Beast roared to an estimated $63.8 million on Friday, which includes the $16.3 million earned at Thursday previews. They haven't made the live-action film so that they can erase the animated film. Written by Josh Groban, the new original song titled "Evermore" is performed by the Stevens, who plays the Beast. While we've yet to see the flick, it's no secret that at the end of the traditional story, Belle ends up marrying her beloved Beast/Prince and lives happily ever after, big ball gown and all. The character in the live action isn't just a narcissist, he's cruel.

Beauty and the Beast does nothing new with the 1991 classic, to the point where certain shots can be matched exactly to the animated film. "You take me as your prisoner, and now you want to have dinner with me?"

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I just wasn't expecting a family movie that already inappropriately flirts with bestiality (beast-iality?) to lean into it in such an obvious way, but hey, why not call a spade a spade? Honestly, if a parent isn't going to let their child see this film because of something as minuscule as LeFou dancing with another man, then I don't know what else to tell you.

Upon watching the movie a second time, it's more clear the entire movie takes place over at least five days when you take Belle's wardrobe changes into account. While there may be a lot of similarities between modern and past Belle, in this remake, Belle is an inventor and her father, Maurice, played by actor Kevin Kline, makes music boxes. They had to build me a lean-to.

"Actually, the technology we used has brought such incredible sensitivity to the facial expressions of the Beast, so I'm delighted". Surely you've got better things to be doing with your time?

Yes, it's a great breakthrough and a big-time tribute more than anything, but the gay character of LeFou and slight gay moments should not overshadow Beauty and the Beast as a whole.