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We need to make sure quality health care remains within reach of working families.

Seven California Republicans are among the 23 Republicans nationwide who represent House districts that chose Hillary Clinton for president. What's more, when Republicans took control of both chambers of Congress in 2015, they dumped the longtime and well-respected director of the CBO, Douglas Elmendorf, and replaced him with Keith Hall, a proponent of "dynamic" scoring methods that generally see GOP proposals in a more favorable light.

More than 97 percent of all children and more than 93 percent of all West Virginians now have health coverage.

Meanwhile, Democrats are united against repeal, saying it will hurt the poor and people who have gotten insurance due to the ACA. The answers have varied greatly. The American Health Care Act would repeal the most punishing elements of Obamacare, including the massive tax increases and mandates that have increased costs, limited choices, and smothered job creation. Here's what some of you had to say.

"The solution to the American health care cost problem is changing the care, not throwing away the insurance", Berwick told Herald Radio's "Herald Drive" show with John Sapochetti and Rick Shaffer. With that principle in mind, MHA supported the opportunities presented by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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Bell County health officials added that if people lack health insurance, they might have to go to safety net providers like local health department clinics.

The doctor who says he treats his patients from, "cradle to the grave", said he still holds out hope for President Donald Trump's health care plan, the American Health Care Act.

"Our office doesn't have the resources with our budget to dive into the plan", said Kyle Schmauch, Insurance and Securities Commissioner Matthew Rosendale's spokesman.

The American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association and other health groups also have come out against the bill. "Health care is broken". The legislation would eliminate the subsidies that reduce deductibles and co-pays for moderate-income policyholders on the individual market, and replace them with inadequate tax credits. "Much less expensive and much better", he said. If someone has a lapse in coverage, insurance companies will be able to charge a 30 percent premium on top of the person's base premium for an entire year.

"These insurance expansions are projected to cost roughly US$1.4 trillion over the first 10 years after the ACA's implementation and cover between 22 and 32 million additional Americans". These accounts allow people to make tax-deductible contributions to tax-free savings accounts to use for future health care costs.