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As Iron Fist began to attract negative reviews, Jones plaintively defended the show by claiming: "It's for the fans", and urged people to "get angry at the real fucking injustices in the world, yeah?" Not only that, his absolute lack of technique, or simply the bad work of choreography, strips of the mystique and martial arts that make Iron Fist something unique also happen to make it a detriment of regurgitated ideas that bring the character to not only something much more massive but also less charming. They are verbal fireballers throwing only high heat, and "Iron Fist" is the poor, defenseless schlub in the dunk tank. It's that simple. Plus, why wouldn't you want to watch?

While the "Iron Fist" character is a white male in the original comic books, critics and viewers have stated the role should have gone to an Asian actor. The symbol of the Iron Fist - that fun dragon tattoo - is the result of a hard-won battle with a mystical fire-breathing serpent living outside the city of K'un-Lun: Shou-Lao the Undying. Danny still has to figure out what to do when the Chinese mafia shows up, however - or what it even means to be the latest in a long line to wield the power of the Iron Fist. Now she has a role on the upcoming NetFlix series, Iron Fist, the last that the streaming network is putting out before we get The Defenders sometime later this year. I instantly thought of the first few volumes of Marvel's "Immortal Iron Fist" comic books by writers Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker and artist David Aja.

"He's a flawless fusion of martial arts and superpowers", Alonso said. There was spectacular source material there for the taking. That is, if there's anything ordinary about being a billionaire's son presumed dead for 15 years who, after being raised by warrior Himalayan monks, returns to NY, where his barefoot look and Zen enthusiasms are seen as signs of madness.

At first, all we know about Wendell is that he died in a plane crash along with Danny's mother. That's probably a not-so-subtle hint at the Steel Serpent, who's named Davos and is a long-time adversary of Danny's in the comics. Bless these shows from across the pond for actually leaving you wanting more, with only four breezy episodes in the first season, introducing the winningly winsome Amy Huberman as Tara Rafferty, a Dublin lawyer who's tougher than she looks.

Rand, along with his dear friend Luke Cage, is part of the Heroes for Hire, one of the most beloved and iconic groups in Marvel history.

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But just how does Iron Fist pave the way for #TheDefenders?

There are plenty of good things about the show. Whatever the case may be, there's way too much in the way of corporate f*ckery in Iron Fist to make even the biggest stan stay awake. "Daredevil" fans know Madame Gao is a powerful drug lord who often speaks in riddles. The rare moments where she displays that strength in "Iron Fist" are always fun.

- joannawan (@joannawan1) March 17, 2017#IronFist proves that you should never listen what critics have to say.

Early screenings of the show have been met by scathing reviews.

And perhaps the most direct sidekick and knife-hand comes from the A.V. Club's Danette Chavez, who says: "Filler episodes are one thing, but right now "Iron Fist" looks like a filler season". It's just that "Iron Fist" is the first project where the lead's casting hasn't been a universally praised slam dunk.