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But the Obama administration finalized the second phase, dictating the standards through 2025, in the weeks before Trump's inauguration.

'We're going to use the full economic powers of our country to protect our workers and protect our jobs, ' the president said, and to 'stop the jobs from leaving our country'. It's not as if we didn't know this was going to happen, though.

"I'm asking all of the companies here today to join us in this new industrial revolution", Trump told vehicle workers at a former assembly plant in Ypsilanti.

Trump officials have not committed to rewriting the fuel standards, which would require a formal, lengthy rule-making process.

Late in the George W. Bush administration, the EPA moved to deny California's waiver, arguing that a single, national standard was better than "a confusing patchwork of state rules" but California won the waiver back under the Obama administration. "We will work with our partners at DOT to take a fresh look at determine if this approach is realistic".

Speaking at a testing center for self-driving vehicles in Michigan, Trump again promised to boost manufacturing by encouraging companies to hire and produce in the United States while punishing those who do not. Digital Journal reported on February 13 that the CEOs of 18 major automakers and their US units sent him a letter urging him to reconsider the rules made by the Obama administration in the waning days before the Trump inauguration.

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"When we come to the review in 2018, we can set standards that are technologically achievable, economically achievable [and] create jobs", a White House official said.

"After all, these decisions impact the more than 7 million Americans dependent on autos for employment, as well as the driving public seeking affordable transportation".

In a press release, Scheiderman announced that he and attorneys general from Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection were calling on the Trump administration to not interfere in state-level policies that enforce strict emissions standards for cars.

The news isn't great for environmentalists who say the rules are working and claim they will save drivers thousands of dollars in fuel costs down the road and shouldn't be changed. "We want the workers to rise too", he said. It was necessary because the standards were set far into the future, way, way into the future. "Rolling back vehicle fuel standards would make Americans spend more at the pump, leaving them with less for their families and basic needs", declared Kristin Igusky, Climate Program Associate at the World Resources Institute in a statement.

On Wednesday, Trump discussed outsourcing of automobile industry jobs with CEOs of the sector's leading companies during his trip to Detroit, Michigan.