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Brooks added: "My fear is that the Trump budget will not be austere enough to minimize America's risk of suffering the kind of debilitating insolvency and bankruptcy that is destroying the lives of Venezuelans right now".

The State Department, like all departments who are going to be facing funding reductions under the budget outline, will have to decide how best to implement the cuts.

Mulvaney said despite the reduction in the State Department budget, the White House has protected the core diplomatic function of the State. The plan proposes $54 billion in total military spending, the AP reports, to go towards funding "troop readiness", fighting ISIS and weapons spending.

The budget would also make significant cuts to other agencies as a way to fulfill Trump's promise of cutting wasteful spending.

As anticipated, the Trump budget will include increases for defense spending and border protection.

The budget includes an expected $54 billion defense increase, offset by domestic-side cuts, including a 28 percent cut for the State Department.

"There's more money for enforcing laws on the books just generally".

Senior Community Service Employment Program: This Labor Department service, meant to help low-income unemployed seniors to get back to work, would be eliminated under the Trump budget. He expressed anger over a mere 3 percent increase above former President Barack Obama's defense budget proposal for 2018. The only positive impact this defense spending increase could have on the American economy is the rise in value in defense stocks such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman. Call your senators and rep to tell them you don't support the Trump budget. Trump is seeking $13.9 billion, or $1.4 billion more than this year.

The share of world military expenditure of the 15 states with the highest expenditure in 2015. The full budget would be introduced in May.

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"You see reductions in many agencies as he tries to shrink the role of government, drive efficiencies, go after waste, duplicative programs", Mick Mulvaney of the Office of Management and Budget said.

"It's coming out of the treasury", Mulvaney clarified, before reporters could even ask whether Mexico would pay for it, as Trump frequently promised.

It appropriates an immediate $1.4 billion infusion for the border wall in the ongoing fiscal year, with another $2.6 billion planned for the 2018 budget year starting October 1.

Cuts would hit the EPA and Education departments and Housing and Urban Development. It will be limited to the discretionary, $1 trillion-plus portion of the $4 trillion annual federal budget that pays for Cabinet agencies and departments. According to 21st century economists, the arts are a valuable commodity for US consumers, as well as a strong contributor to America's economic vitality.

The National Institutes of Health would be cut by about £5 billion, or one-fifth of its funding.

Federal agencies "have got entrenched constituencies on Capitol Hill, committees that are adamant that programs within their jurisdiction aren't going to get cut", Collender said. This would hurt programs dealing with air and water pollution and climate change research. The teacher's unions, which spent tens of millions lobbying for the Democrats, are vocally against these voucher programs that would shift funding from public to private schools. The entire budget will be presented in May.

These annually appropriated programs have been squeezed in recent years while the costs of mandatory programs such as Medicare and Social Security have risen each year, mostly unchecked.

Mulvaney gave a broad overview but few details about what he called the "budget blueprint", which will provide topline numbers for agencies and a few details on funding allocations.