KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Being a First Four team is not always a bad way to start.

March Madness is upon us people.

Fill out a bracket, and connect with NCAA March Madness 2017 on social media for updates.

Villanova will commence its title defense in Buffalo on Thursday. Chances are you'll be wrong.

CBS is broadcasting 24 of the 67 games, including the national championship and Final Four. "Workers can easily, compared to other times, go out and get other jobs, so giving them perks that make them want to stay, that make your environment the kind that is one where they are not constantly under pressure, is just good business", Challenger said. Is your bracket, say, better than a first grader's? But rolling the dice on a No. 15 every four years?

Selection Committee chairman Mark Hollis said after the bracket was revealed, "By far, I can say with 100 percent certainty that this is the most competitive bracket I've seen [in his five years on the committee]". Result: Lost in Final Four. In that bunch only Purdue ranks as a No. 4 seed.

I helped my wife Denise fill out her bracket on Wednesday and she had her own "creative" way of picking teams: states she's lived in, schools she'd once considered, anything with an OH connection (spoiler alert: she LOVES Kent State in the tourney).not many of her choices were based on basketball savvy, but who cares?

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When Max was 9 months old he was diagnosed with hemophilia, a serious bleeding disorder that prevents his blood from clotting.

And that gets me to Duke over Kentucky for the national title. That's a quintillion for those of you playing at home.

Take your daughter, son or their whole team. Two of these are nothing more than whipping boys for Kansas and Villanova, but the other two winners could have a major impact on this year's tournament!

Max is also a super hero.

If you're not sure about which channel TBS is on in your area, we have you covered. So, yeah, he's a real life hero. The TV box gave me some looks at the rest - Villanova was wonderful, Gonzaga put together a brilliant year, North Carolina was fascinating. Despite this, Kansas is getting picked to advance about 3x as often as Louisville is. Louisville went on to beat MI for the championship. His uncle went to Maryland.

It is fun trying to predict upsets because every year, lower-seeded teams beat higher-seeded teams. Trust me, coming from someone who writes about sports for a living and has NEVER won his bracket pool, it's not easy.