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Moon said South Korea should resume operations at Kaesong-where South Korean companies operate factories with North Korean workers on the North Korean side of the border-regardless of North's nuclear ambitions.

"It seems that Park Geun-hye is a person who entirely lacks empathy, whether it's for humans or for animals", Park Jeong-eon, a 38-year-old office worker who is unrelated to the ousted president, told The Associated Press. It was Ms Park who agreed last July to the defence system.

One of those risks is the U.S. Federal Reserve policy meeting this week, where interest rates are strongly expected to be raised, the minister said. However, the Trump administration began its placement in early March.

"If we want to take this to court, we have to have evidence". Thus far, however, the Trump administration has not articulated a strategy.

Two fundamental issues raised by the placement, however, can not be obscured.

The senior North Korea diplomat who defected to the South from Pyongyang's Embassy in London said Kim Jong Un's nuclear ambitions could bring about state collapse. The sanctions-only approach has only encouraged North Korea to advance its nuclear weapons and missile capabilities.

For example, it tested a nuclear device last September whose yield, as recorded by outside seismic monitoring stations, was twice as powerful as the atomic bomb that the USA dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. That effort appears to have had some successes but last week's missiles tests suggest it is not a lasting solution in the face of Pyongyang's determination.

Kathleen Stephens, who served as ambassador during the first Obama term, said whoever comes to power next in Seoul is going to have to deal with a far more unsafe and stubborn North Korea.

The deployment drew strong domestic opposition as well as protests from China, which contends that the system's advanced radar will penetrate into its territory.

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One test is to see whether it changed minds in Japan - where, for example, 70 percent support Japan's withdrawing its ambassador from South Korea.

The THAAD system consists of a sophisticated radar and interceptor missiles created to spot and knock out incoming ballistic missiles. -South Korea alliance has always been evolving and that the two countries were able to mitigate and manage disputes as they occurred. Seoul is only 40 kilometres from the demilitarised zone.

Moon says a final decision on deployment should be made by the next government, and parliament should approve it.

Faced with North Korea's harsh rhetoric, the allies' military chiefs warned that Pyongyang would conduct provocations during the joint drills in April, when the reclusive regime celebrates major political events such as the 105th birthday of its late founder Kim Il-sung, which falls on April 15. Many Chinese are also anxious about ongoing missile tests, as well as Pyongyang's progress towards placing a nuclear warhead in an intercontinental ballistic missile.

After all, missiles and shields are military tools for achieving political ends. The defence system, in any case, has never been battle-tested. That's why his visit to China (Mar. 18) is attracting more attention than his visit to Japan (Mar. 15), whose head of state has already met Trump, or to South Korea (Mar. 17), which is now dealing with a power vacuum.

North Korea announced Monday that it is unwilling to even discuss the possibility of de-nuclearization.

A man in Tokyo walks past a screen showing a TV news report on a North Korean missile test on March 6. Talks involving Washington and Beijing would ease them.

Known for its frightful human rights abuses, North Korea is led by Kim Jong Un, who is known for executing troublemakers - including his own family members - who wield power in the repressive government. Calling himself "America's friend", he called the relationship with Washington "a pillar of our diplomacy" on the eve of President Park's impeachment.