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If you cut through politics and look at the specifics of the American Health Care Act, President Donald Trump's Obamacare "repeal and replace" plan moving through House of Representatives committees, you'll see that it cuts benefits and jeopardizes access to health care for millions of Americans.

It failed to restrain the rise in health care costs.

Generally, people who are older, lower-income, or live in high-premium areas (like Alaska and Arizona) receive larger tax credits under the ACA than they would under the American Health Care Act replacement.

When the children crashed dad's BBC interview: The family speaks. Over a 10-year period, the AHCA would slash $337 billion from the federal deficit. The legislation was introduced on March 6 and would replace the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

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Although the GOP plan allows people now enrolled in Medicaid to stay in the program, they would not be able to re-enroll. But those provided insurance in name only due to high deductibles combined with ridiculously low benefits caps. The report estimates that the most significant savings would come from changes made to Medicaid and by eliminating subsidies provided to individuals purchasing insurance through the marketplaces.

"And one of the big problems that people had and still have was reduced by the Affordable Care Act is out-of-pocket costs", Diana further stated.

The Affordable Care Act forbids insurance companies from charging older clients more than three times what the youngest enrollees pay. In addition, the GOP plan calls for seniors to pay a greater proportion of the costs for Trumpcare than they pay now under Obamacare. "When people have more choices, costs go down".

Congress must repeal and replace, never fix. There, a 62-year-old adult who makes $17,000 would see his yearly tax credit drop about 65 percent, from about $11,376 to $4,000. Furthermore, if carefully constructed, a public option like Medicare for All would also do wonders for USA businesses by relieving them of the burden of providing health coverage for their employees - at a cost significantly lower than what they now pay. If the effect of repeal and replace is that thousands of people in this district go back to being uninsured, and the ultimate burden of caring for those who become ill falls on emergency rooms and over-burdened local hospitals, no one will be better off.