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When confronted with the reality of joining Rick, Ezekiel admits "I know". Well there's no quicker way to do that, than by showing the Saviors you won't tolerate any threats to your deal with them and having one of your own kill the person that's responsible.

What did you think about Ben and Richard's deaths on "The Walking Dead"? We'll see Rick and the group tested in ways we've never seen before.

There are a lot of big moving parts on The Walking Dead right now.

On Sunday's episode, audiences got a clear answer.

When the group returned to the Saviors with the missing melon, Morgan shocked everyone by strangling Richard to death. Shortly thereafter, Carol marched through the gates of the Kingdom and informing Ezekiel that it was time to get ready to fight, to which Ezekiel agreed. Rick is now a step closer to fighting Negan and the Saviours with his own army, and "The Walking Dead" executive producer Greg Nicotero says the soon-to-be-announced successful staffing is only going to further fuel the Alexandrian's swagger.

The promo pictures and videos for this evening's episode ominously showed a gravestone, with the line "Bury Me Here". When Gavin discovers there are only 11 melons in the truck, he makes them hand over their weapons and calls for punishment.

It would appear that coming up short is not out of the ordinary, so the Saviors resort to a resolution, right then and there. He has Jared draw his gun on Richard, who steps forward so that the gun is almost touching his forehead. Richard is about to give Gavin the cantaloupe, telling him they understand now what they need to do, when he's hit by Morgan's staff. Sure, he was a good kid, I liked him, but we barely knew him, and I didn't see a long future for that character on the show. He was willing to take her to Alexandria but otherwise wanted to stay out of their drama completely, including even talking to her.

Nothing could have prepared anyone, especially Benjamin for that. Then the conversation with Morgan took a turn. "We do...but not today", replies Ezekiel. He then explains another aspect of his convoluted plan which is to tell the Saviors that the Lazer Tags are really on their side in order to gain their trust, and then BLAMMO!

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Morgan isn't the only one who does a 180, Carol does as well. "We have to fight", she told Ezekiel. Carol told Daryl that if she went back to killing, there would be nothing more left of her.

The stand-out performance this time goes to Lennie James as Morgan who experiences so much loss, anger, and rage it finally causes him to stop being the pacifist he's been striving so hard to be and to kill another person.

The real hulking out only happens the next day: He sees Richard actually putting this plan into action, and he just can't stand to watch it.

With this haunting her at night, Carol makes the trek to the Kingdom, dispatching every zombie in her way. We can finally say that he is a warrior preparing for battle. No, we don't mean seeking revenge like Morgan-that's impulsive.

"We're going to find out some backstory very quickly on how the Saviors operate and how Negan operates", Jeffrey Dean Morgan told Entertainment Weekly.

This article discusses Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead and speculates about upcoming episodes as well as discusses the comic books the series is based on.