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On CNN's "State of the Union", Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was asked about plans to roll back the expansion of Medicaid.

Speaker Ryan and the Republican-led House are pushing an idea in larger penalties long pushed by the insurance industry.

In spite of the widespread Republican opposition to the healthcare law, 55 percent of those households are represented by Republicans in the House of Representatives. They said that the legislation would rescue Americans from health coverage that had grown far too expensive and limited.

Our president is threatening Congress with tough election fights if they don't pass this bill that no one on the planet seems to support. And that has advocacy groups concerned.

At the same time, conservative groups and their allies in Congress have stepped up attacks on the proposal, which they deride as "Obamacare 2.0" and "Obamacare Lite". "And we think, with this bill, we would give more control to the states, and allow them to drive efficiencies that would increase quality and also reduce costs". He argued Republicans either have to pass this specific bill or take responsibility for the negative effects of Obamacare.

Because of the Medicaid expansion, which was part of the Affordable Care Act, Cook County now sees more insured patients than uninsured patients.

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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, who expanded the program as permitted under the Affordable Care Act, has vocally opposed the bill. Many companies, of course, will continue to provide health insurance for their workers as a perk, just as they did before Obamacare took effect.

The GOP replacement bill would repeal the $500,000 limit, generally making the cap $1 million, the same amount that applies to other types of businesses. Remember President Trump made a very specific promise.

"The country had their say. So there's no way you can compete with on paper a government mandate with coverage". "The American people spoke". If passed into law, insurance companies could charge older people as much as they want under GOPCare.

Because they're hoping to use the budget reconciliation process to pass the bill, which requires that every provision have a direct impact on the federal budget, the Republicans' plan does not address numerous point-of-service concerns doctors have expressed about the ACA, such as burdensome documentation requirements for insurance reimbursement.

If negotiations don't reach fruition as the bill readies for a floor vote, Republican insiders said, watch Trump's tweets and travel schedule for signs that he's dispensed with the carrots and brought out the stick to try to get wayward members on board. This topic resonates amongst some conservatives that approve the fund cuts that the White House administration wants to impose on organizations such as Planned Parenthood, which receives over $500 millions in federal funds from Medicaid.

"We've had a 50-year federal handshake that says the children who are eligible for Medicaid by income or disability get the medical services they need, period".