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"But, I would defund Planned Parenthood because of the fact that they work on abortion", Trump said last February. This is something we have known for a long time and many people have been extremely vocal about.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer falsely claimed Tuesday that "millions of women" go to Planned Parenthood for mammograms. But again, here's the thing: federal funding is not used to pay for abortions.

According to the New York Times, Trump's informal proposal came as a result of his concerns about potential "political repercussions" over House Republicans' efforts to strip Planned Parenthood of its funding. They want to punish Planned Parenthood for providing safe, legal abortion services and are even telling angry constituents at home that they want to defund Planned Parenthood to stop taxpayer funding of abortion.

Planned Parenthood said it delivered 11,238,414 patient "services" in 2009. "I feel that it's nobody's place to tell me how I need to run my own body", Sarah Finkelstein, 26, told HollywoodLife.com at the NYC protest. They are LGBTQ people who found in Planned Parenthood the first or only health care provider to treat them with compassion and without judgment.

If you're looking for a way to stand with Planned Parenthood, the group is asking supporters to sign a petition telling members of Congress to keep their hands off its funding. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) in 2015 to try to strip a provision defunding Planned Parenthood from the Senate's ObamaCare repeal bill. The agency receives about $500 million in federal funding each year, mostly through Medicaid reimbursement.

"Offering money to Planned Parenthood to abandon our patients and our values is not a deal that we will ever accept", Laguens added.

To be clear: those federal funds do not go towards providing abortion services. Taking away access to life-saving preventive care at Planned Parenthood is deeply unpopular. "Planned Parenthood takes lives", said Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of CT.

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Rubio and other abortion hardliners like Ted Cruz made much of Trump's comment in 2000 that he "supports a woman's right to choose".

He has said that he will fund Planned Parenthood if only they get out of the abortion business.

Thanks to Trump, Planned Parenthood's bluff has been called, and the facade that had been maintained for decades has deteriorated to the point that the organization finally is being recognized for what it is.

Planned Parenthood says abortions amount to just three percent of all health care services it provides.

"Each dollar spent on family planning saves a little over $7", Yolen said, citing an analysis from the Guttmacher Institute.

She said in a Live Action video that the amount of time spent with patients was drastically reduced. "It is not their choice how we grow our families", Fleming said.