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One is that awesome handball thing from the Olympics. Does this mean Rachel was chosen to ensure more ratings for the show? So, read on for finale spoilers for this season of The Bachelor. When Rachel told Nick okra was disgusting, his rebuttal was "you hate everything". After Raven tells us all, "Nick is really good at what he does, so I'm pretty satisfied today", I choke back some vomit while Raven pulls a 500 Days of Summer - high-fiving strangers, creating snow angels, and basically telling the world that she had a very good night. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't a Dolphin costume, it was a shark.

We end the show with Nick and Rachel brought out on stage.

At least this particular episode has a reindeer farm.

Nick: I think a lot of the same. What's more, she seemed to elicit actual emotion from the deadened husk that is franchise fourth-timer Nick's heart: This is the same man who cried and cut three women loose in a February 6 episode, because Nick's the type who cries when he's dumping you. "I wouldn't put her down for no reason".

Later in the night, the two have a heart-to-heart about their feelings for each other. Nick pointed out that Vanessa's family is "traditional" (meaning they hold fast to their traditions), while Nick is not.

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"I'm in love with these two women, but I've been incredibly terrified because I was very much in love with Andi and Kaitlyn", he says.

Aside: One of the tenets of The Episode Where They Have Sex is one of the sex-havers will dramatically close the door on a cameraman. What if somebody doesn't get it?! Nick then met Raven's parents. Does somebody at ABC have a sex tape they're holding on to as blackmail?

"I know there are going to be people who criticize what I do no matter what, but I'm just trying to not get caught up in it", Lindsay said. Nick, however, didn't acknowledge that would be feasible and confessed he couldn't picture himself moving to Canada in general.

Corinne Olympios is my inspiration I will never get mad again I will just walk away and return with a glass of champagne. Rachel, looking as attractive as ever, cries. Didn't they hear the news? The other two hours, known to Bachelor Nation as The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, was a recap of the entire season with the added bonus of host Chris Harrison blowing on the cooling embers of past drama in the hopes of setting the whole studio ablaze. The ladies passed around red solo cups and sipped while gossiping about the fact that they were "auditioning for Bachelor in Paradise!". I spent the last 45 minutes watching college basketball on my computer. When filming finally wrapped after 9 p.m., he said, "It was a great rehearsal, just nine more hours to go". "You're rare. And refreshing", she tells him. Several of them ask, "why me", to which Nick replies, "not you, them".

However, what truly interests me is the way people behave around the "Women Tell All". Chris told the aspiring dolphin trainer, "The lesson is you can be a shark on the outside, but a dolphin on the inside".