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Each year on 8 March, the world celebrates International Women's Day. Participants and organizers promised the massive protests were just the beginning of a coordinated effort to resist the new administration's attacks on women and marginalized communities. The movement has taken action in a number of ways to protest against the man now sitting in the Oval Office and the policies of the Trump administration, each more concerning than the last. Some women are eschewing work, others will wear red in solidarity to signify love, sacrifice and resistance, and others will avoid shopping, unless it's at a woman- or minority-owned small business. Like that march in January, organizers say the protest is in reaction to President Donald Trump's position on women's issues and comments he has made about women.

Women put in two-and-a-half times more time in these mostly unpaid and very under-appreciated tasks than men on a global average.

The internet search engine giant, Google has put up a slideshow doodle to celebrate the International Women's Day - 2017 depicting "some of the female pioneers who paved the way to where we are today".

"The Cut is going to strike as a sign of solidarity with women everywhere as we face the potential rollback of fundamental rights", editorial director Stella Bugbee said.

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Google's slideshow doodle for International Women's Day tells the stories of 13 pioneering women who contributed to the struggle for women's rights.

"Obama was deporting people, too", said Shaw, with the Columbus Coalition for International Women's Day. However, the IWD wasn't officially recognised until 1911, making this year the 106th International Women's Day. In some countries especially in rural areas and villages, women still stick to homes only by putting valueless ethics on them. For women who may be hesitant to speak with their bosses about missing a day of work, the Women's March organizers published a letter you can send to your boss explaining why you are striking for women's equality.

But not all women are on board with the idea of taking a day off from work to ensure gender equality.