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Even when the plan went bad, they couldn't help but be totally adorbs, as they say.

The discovery of the latter means the Alexandrians are one step closer to a bloody show-down with Negan's Saviours. After all, happiness is only momentary on a show like The Walking Dead. For reals, if you haven't yet watched this week's episode, "Say Yes", we highly suggest you do so before proceeding.

Biggest oversight: Rick told Michonne they were fighting for the future, specifically, the future of Judith and Baby Rhee.

Honestly, this fake-out was nearly as obnoxious as Glenn's non-death last season, because did anyone seriously believe Rick Grimes was getting killed off by some random walkers in the middle of a non-finale episode? Nah. And Michonne echoes Rick's words back in Episode 4 here, shakily telling him "I can't lose you".

Michonne spots a deer in the woods that she and Rick later see at an abandoned carnival. Michonne and Rick appear ready to have another battle for supplies but another character may very well one up them for attention.

The next morning, they head out into the field to seize the weapons, but realize they may have over-shot when they get cornered by a huge hoarde of walkers-one of whom is toting a machine gun. Rick was relaxed enough to do some pretty stupid things, let's be honest, but I also felt like it wasn't so much that he was suddenly an idiot, but that he trusted Michonne to be there to back him up if something happened. And Michonne's lookback? flawless. In an important turn, she made the decision that seemed least viewer hostile, if not least hostile to the women of Oceanside, when she chose to have a talk with Rick at the end of the episode.

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The two guys playing golf that Michonne and Rick stole batteries and pretzels from? While hardly as egregious as some of its earlier trolling, the moment was yet another that had us wondering whether the writers value our intelligence and time at all. They come up with a plan to block off some of the walkers with a vehicle so they can slowly take out the others, but things go wrong and they wind up surrounded. At least that's my hunch, since as we all know death is the only certainty on the show. There had been much speculation about just what the title of this episode meant. It nearly took on a cartoonish tone when Rick and Michonne fell through a roof and landed safely. Greg Nicotero tries his best, and Danai Gurira sells it as well as anyone possibly could, but the main character on The Walking Dead doesn't die. "That are hurting other people?" Rosita goes to Hilltop to see Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green).

Sasha probably isn't coming out of this alive. With each episode, it seems more and more like a suicide mission really is the most helpful thing she can do for the group. And while that is interesting, it's not enough to make Rosita into a fully rounded character.

In the meantime, I'm slowly starting to care again-after many months of numbness-about who will live or die on this show.

Will Tara bring up Oceanside? And yet the show seems eager to revisit it as Tara essentially talked herself into betraying her promise not to reveal Oceanside to anyone. But we've got to get the Kingdom on our side first, or somebody else, so there's a long ways to go before we can even really think about that question. Jardis and her unusual band of Mad Max-inspired scavengers weren't satisfied by Rick and Michonne's gun run; which means Tara has been backed into a corner.

The Walking Dead has built a relationship around its leads in recent seasons.