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It would also replace income-based subsidies to help with the cost of premiums with age-based tax credits.

One of the Affordable Care Act's most effective ways of lowering the number of people who lack health insurance has been a provision that allows those who earn 138 percent or less of the federal poverty level to enroll in Medicaid.

To boost their chances of repealing Obamacare, House Republicans have made their replacement plan look a bit more like Obamacare.

In particular, the plan to target Planned Parenthood has already generated fierce pushback from Democrats and doubts from some Republicans who have noted that federal funds are already barred from funding abortions and that Planned Parenthood provides routine medical care to millions of American women.

Some dubbed the official AHCA a watered-down Obamacare for preserving its more popular parts like maintaining coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and allowing people to stay on their parents' plans until age 26. "We dismantle Obamacare's damaging taxes and mandates so states can deliver quality, affordable options based on what their patient populations need, and workers and families can have the freedom and flexibility to make their own health care choices".

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"I think one of the keys for Republicans is, how much this going to cost and how many people are likely to lose their coverage?"

"We are concerned that any poorly implemented or poorly timed change in the current funding structure in Medicaid could result in a reduction in access to life-saving health care services." the letter read. Medicaid is a social healthcare program for families and individuals with limited resources in the US.

Both congressmen were optimistic that the bill would pass, despite their narrow margin for error in the Senate. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) will be "enhanced and expanded" under the plan, according to the House GOP, but there is no language in the bill to explain that claim. They say their system is less intrusive and provides people a tax credit without mandates or a range of tax increases. The public release of a House of Representatives bill, following weeks of leaks as House members drafted their proposal, will merely start negotiations that determine what is in and out before final House and Senate votes, which are weeks away at best.

The bill also eliminates a cap on write-offs for company employees who receive salaries that exceed $500,000.