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Nintendo Switch is finally here, and you'll no doubt be wanting to add your buddies on the shiny new hybrid console. There are some awesome Japan-only eShop games available across Nintendo's many consoles, so why not get setup now? We already know that Switch profiles can be linked with Facebook and Twitter, though they won't link to the, "suggested friends" feature until a later date, per an email from Nintendo.

If you're unfamiliar with it, the Nintendo Switch Parental Control app allows parents to set up time limits for the gaming time of their children on the Switch console.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch storage capacity and need for addition extras?

The earliest sighting of a game reviewer putting a Nintendo Switch cartridge in their mouth came from Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann.

During its "Nindies Showcase" yesterday, Nintendo confirmed that Stardew Valley will be released on its upcoming Nintendo Switch console this summer. You can't even use the Switch's microSD storage function right out of the box.

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This doesn't necessarily mean the console won't turn up later today, but what's upsetting customers is that GAME themselves haven't been providing any updates.

Nintendo is coming out with a new gaming system called Switch. It seems likely that purchasing a Japanese Nintendo eshop card would solve this problem and let you take full advantage of the Switch's global library.

Nintendo is also planning to have its own eShop which is also a great news to all users. So while it's annoying you have to do it at all, at least you won't have to wait to download a multi-gigabyte file.

The big question, as it so often is with Nintendo, is whether it will be able to deliver enough games.