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"Do you need a drink?" "If he's found that with someone else, then that makes me happy too". It's a chat that "requires whiskey", and it culminates with Nick admitting he's not going to drop to one knee in front of the last woman standing simply for the sake of proposing. I'm trying to say things that men think are appropriate, and you know what? Dorfman gave Viall some fairly vague guidance for his current relationships, advising him that he should sleep with women in the fantasy suites if he cared about them and it felt right. The "Women Tell All" special will also air on March 6 and that will start immediately after Rachel's Finland elimination.

At the outdoor rose ceremony (filmed in NY in late fall), Raven, Corinne, Rachel and Vanessa shiver in evening gowns and coats and Nick gave roses to Raven, Rachel and Vanessa. She's likely just someone who was very thirsty for fame and extremely entitled. "It's a terrible feeling". She says that, despite being a skeptic heading into the show, she's basically becoming a believer.

Who do you want to win The Bachelor Season 21? It's true. Corinne, our beloved cheesy pasta-eating reality villain extraordinaire was eliminated.

With this, fans are left with hanged questions regarding Nick and Rachel. This, obviously meant longer nights, and longer overnights, which is great - because at this point, Nick needs every moment he can get with these women to find out what to do next. Well, we can't be sure there were any actual tears but there was a lot of sobbing and wailing. "He let me go".

"I love Nick so much". And you know what?

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But then he says he thinks everything will work out - although he's having a hard time deciding. It was incredible. She then talked about how she's only been "sexually active" with one man before, so this is a bigger deal for her than the other girls. In the vehicle ride home, she cried and said she'd never suck up to a man again. Whether it's truly an "I do" type of love, that's another issue entirely.

Well, insofar as it was ever actually "up" - she was the first girl to proudly blurt out that she was falling in love with Nick, and on Monday night (Feb. 27) she straight-up told him she's "in love".

The two spent the day flying over the stunning landscape in a helicopter and playing darts in an adorable Finnish pub. What does she want?

Raven's an adorable chatterbox, so her one-on-one time with Nick has never seemed awkward, least of all boring. Raven has never told a man she loved him (not even the ex she attacked with a shoe), but more importantly, a man has never made her orgasm (even the one she attacked with a shoe).

After Raven got her feelings out and downed some more wine, she also tells Nick about her sexual history before going into the fantasy suite. Corinne was her usual wild self while on her hometown date shopping with Nick, and began wrapping her legs around him in public, as usual.