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The CliffsNotes version: She let Daryl go because he reminded her of Dwight himself before he became Negan's bitch; she'd rather die alone in zombieland than live as Negan's sex slave while Dwight does nothing about it; hope you come to your senses; sorry for my role in making you this way. These lies served two purposes: they made his love seem like less of a traitor and made it so nobody would go looking for her.

Earlier, a glimpse was given into the mysterious new group Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and company met at the climax of midseason premiere 'Rock in the Road.' While there are stories brewing in that direction we also see characters like Dwight and Eugene in the limelight. The warning signs are there: at one point, Negan's wives brand him a coward afetr refusing to aid in their plot to murder their husband. And while he at first seems willing to help two of Negan's wives concoct a suicide capsule for another of their lot, he pulls back, saying he knows the pills are actually meant to kill Negan. Eugene's smarter than his hair suggests though, realizing it'd be used on Negan instead.

"Hostiles and Calamities" opens with Dwight (Austin Amelio) realizing that the Sanctuary has lost one high-value hostage, Daryl (Norman Reedus), just as another, Eugene (Josh McDermitt), is unloaded from one of Negan's trucks. Dwight finds the "go now" note and recognizes Sherry's (Christine Evangelista) handwriting. Eugene's in the Sanctuary but a few days before he figures out how to get on Negan's good side, and he rises quicker in ranks than he ever did in Alexandria, and than I daresay most anyone has at the Sanctuary. We wish we knew a cure for what ails her, but alas, we do not. Soon enough, Eugene's Bill Nye routine wears thin: What Frankie and Tanya really want is for the brainiac to make a poison pill that'll put Amber out of her misery. Which, you know - FREAKING FINALLY. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, and how to play a situation to his advantage. The wives see him as one of the good guys, but Eugene disagrees: "I'm not good". Is Eugene just playing along? Both characters make shocking choices that will alter the story going forward.

Shiny by the standards of The Walking Dead. In addition to that, we also see two of Negan's wives trying to have Eugene assist in killing Negan. Luckily for Eugene, Negan takes a different approach with him than he did with Daryl. Eugene is doing what he has to for now to survive. Or is he a Savior through and through now?

Dwight has suffered the most at Negan's hand, so tonight's act of savagery could be his final straw. Later, he comes to chat with Dwight and tells him that Sherry went missing right around the time that Daryl escaped.

This piece of art came via a tweet from the official TWD Twitter account, which also posted faux movie posters for three other Best Picture nominees: Arrival, Lion, and Fences.

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The dynamic between Negan's women is the most interesting element of the Sanctuary to me, far more so than his rotating harem of right-hand men. You'd show up with beer and pretzels. If Sherry had still been there, it looks like Dwight had every intention of running away from the Sanctuary with her again. They're the ideal soundtrack for a world whose narcissistic leader insists that everything will be just swell, as long as everyone does exactly and only what he says they must do.

The wives Eugene was gifted by Negan asked him for pills so they can escape him with a pain-free death, but he doesn't give them the pills and is now using it as leverage of his own.

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In fact, I find the scene at the very end to be indicative of this as well.

So this begs the question: Is Eugene really joining the dark side and joining Negan's army?

So, who is acting and who isn't?