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The vote for the new DNC chair is scheduled for Saturday.

Considered the establishment favorite, Perez bested Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota who was the grassroots favorite to win. "You love this country". Urban, rural suburban, all colors, all cultures, all faiths, everybody. "Keith's support is from the people on the street". Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have endorsed Ellison.

Watch the live stream of the DNC's meeting below.

The odds seem to favor Perez - his supporters whisper they may have enough votes to win outright on a first ballot - but Ellison boasts an impressive network.

Harrison said he simply lacked support to secure the 224 votes needed to capture the chairmanship. Neither had enough votes to secure a win, resulting in the second round of ballots that produced Perez as the victor.

"I come to you with an unrelenting optimism in our capacity to move forward", Perez said, in his victory speech.

"When we lead with our message, our message of economic opportunity, that's how we win", he said. "That's all right. But we're looking to you to make sure there's a real family discussion about where we are headed, so we walk out of this unified". The stakes are high for Democrats, and the pressure on Perez to perform starts now. On leaving the race, Buttigieg urged the next chairman and Democrats to look beyond Washington, organize better for non-presidential elections and "pay attention to communities like ours, in the heartland of the country - not as an exotic species but as your fellow Americans".

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"We've got to get back to talking to people and about people in terms of their everyday lives".

"We got into this mess because we lost elections". Host Larry Mantle speaks to reporter Gabriel Debenedetti at POLITICO, who has been following the race closely, about the candidates, political implications surrounding their support and what to expect over the weekend.

Her words were echoed by former US President Barack Obama, who expressed hope that the two will "lay the groundwork for a new generation of Democratic leadership".

But now, well, the Democrats have their man.

"We are suffering from a crisis of confidence, a crisis of relevance", Perez, a favourite of former Obama administration officials, told DNC members. "I am not a member of Mother Theresa's sisters organization; I am a member of the Democratic Party". "Democratic leaders were at a crossroads and today they chose to continue the failed Clinton strategy of prioritizing wealthy donors over the activist base". They've learned they must renew their appeal to working class voters, stand up for their values and reinvigorate their efforts to promote voter turnout.

Trump offered Ellison praise earlier last week for predicting early in the 2016 campaign cycle that Trump could have staying power in the presidential field.