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AMD Ryzen, the chipmaker's new CPU lineup, is finally here.

But the chipmaker's Wednesday announcement regarding the launch date, pricing and performance of its first Ryzen desktop CPUs should help dispel any doubts about Ryzen's ability to give Intel stiff competition on the high-end and mid-range. The Core series before it was also a huge success, but AMD was able to offer a lot more resistance with CPUs that competed thanks to being the cheaper option. The three processors launched are all 8-core processors with 16 threads in a variety of clock frequencies. Further, XFastest has posted images of the basic Ryzen (non-Wraith) heatsink, and you can see (albeit tiny) images of the Wraith Spire and Wraith Max in the leaked table (above, from Informatica Cero).

With a new processor launch, naming the parts and positioning them within the market is critical. As before, Ryzen comes out ahead of Intel, in this ad-hoc benchmark.

AMD had just revealed the Ryzen 7 and it managed to match the same levels of Intel's Core i7 chips. Every one of these processors is unlocked. The 1700X model will cost around $400, while the 1800X comes in at around $500 Dollars.

The Ryzen 7 family is targeted at Intel's Core i7 product line, and that means it's AMD's high-end offering. The 1700X is $399 with base and boost clocks of 3.4 and 3.8 GHz with the same TDP of 95 as the 1800X.

The hexacore twelve threaded processor chip seems to be one of the fastest from the Ryzen family yet.

Why would anyone want to spend Rs 92,000 on a 6900K when you see scores like this?

Ryzen's midrange CPU, the Ryzen 1700X, is being marketed against the i7-6800K, but, once again, the Ryzen model is less expensive.

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Intel Core i7-7740K, 4.3GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz, a thermal design power rating of 100W, and with 8MB of L3 cache. Typically, most chips based on new architecture achieve only up to 20% jumps in performance. The score is absolutely awesome especially when keeping the clock speed in mind. The 1700 has a tdp of 65w, whilst the other two sit at 95w. Compared to the 7700K ($340 or Rs 30,000 in India). We await benchmarking tests from third-parties, but Intel looks as though it has a tough fight on its hands from a chip that sits at half price.

The company's event would last for a period of 1-hour and would preview the latest processor and graphics technology from AMD. That said, the i7 7700K is clocked higher and would have probably beaten the 1700 in gaming benchmarks. You'll need an AM4 motherboard to support them. We'll explain why in a more detailed piece.

With no competitor, it could afford to.

What do you think of AMD's answer to Intel's Core i7 lineup?

AMD, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, simply priced their CPUs competitively.

But stay tuned because we'll have the full performance numbers as soon as we're allowed to talk about what our chip can do.

With Ryzen and the Zen architecture in general, AMD has revamped its processor architecture to make it more efficient and capable of performing more work per cycle. Pre-orders for the new Ryzen processors begin today.