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The 31-year-old attorney is bringing The Bachelor star back to Dallas, Texas for their hometown date - and even though she made it to his final four, she's still anxious about whether Nick would be comfortable with her religion and being part of a predominantly black church.

Monday's episode did not reveal who Viall eliminates after the hometown dates. Her father doesn't help matters by sharing some information about Nick that has Vanessa questioning whether she will get her fairytale ending. The official ABC synopsis of Grimaldi's hometown date with Viall reads: There is a double test waiting for Nick in Montreal when Vanessa takes him to visit her special-needs students and her family. And she'll likely join Raven on "Paradise" if things with Nick don't work out. And as such, Nick will be meeting them separately. A second ATV materializes out of nowhere so that Nick and "fun, sexy, smart" Raven can race each other through a soggy field.

From there he jetted to Dallas, Texas, where Rachel L. took him to church - literally.

Level-headed Vanessa turns fierce as she confronts Nick about his behavior and intentions when it comes to Corinne. Raven, Vanessa, Rachel and Corinne all accept his roses and invite him to their homes to meet their families.

We are nearing the end of season 21 of The Bachelor. Rachel and Nick joked about his familiarity (or lack thereof) with okra, and then had a amusing conversation with her sister Constance and brother-in-law Alex, who are also an interracial couple.

We meet her family, including nanny Raquel.

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Vanessa was encouraged when her dad said Nick asked for his blessing, but discouraged to hear that Nick also asked the other parents for their blessings.

Things got complicated as Nick traveled to Montreal to meet Vanessa's family. Raven already has one, but he gives it to her again anyway.

Vanessa's family members seem like normal, reasonable people so when they get to chat with Nick, they're all, "Uh, this show seems insane, you seem shifty, we do not trust you, this is a bad idea, please do not break Vanessa's heart". And while the entire Olympios family welcomes him to the dinner table, Corinne's father, Jim, wants to know his post-"Bachelor" game plan. Fortunately, the cop was Raven's brother, and they got off the hook unscathed. Nick doesn't respond, but kisses her instead. After they escape church without getting struck down by God himself, Rachel says that her father, the federal judge, is not going to be appearing on a reality show. Vanessa later recapped their adventures thus far to her dad, mentioning their time in Wisconsin. The final one-on-one date goes to a lovely small-town bachelorette. The site also reveals that at the end of the episode, Nick will send home Corinne. Genuine and intimate moments are one of the reasons why we watch this show, but it's different when it's the contestants' families, since they're basically conscripted into appearing and majority we'll never see again. She's a real go-getter, Corinne.

Lindsay will not only be the first African-American woman to lead the Bachelorette but the first black lead on either of ABC's reality dating competitions. Nick survives, but it's clear that The Family Corinne steamrolled our boy pretty hard.

Some others want Corinne and Viall to end up together and then showcase their life on television.

Corinne and her dad need to discuss finances. Vanessa's students approved of Nick, which was the first checkmark he needed during this hometown.