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That said, the phone was a brilliant piece of design and engineering and if it wasn't for the battery, would have propelled Samsung's mobile division to new heights of profitability.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be release in the second half of this year, Samsung is trying to give another chance to the ill-fated Note 7. There are also rumors suggesting that Samsung plans to diversify its battery suppliers to prevent the same incident that involved the Galaxy Note 7, TechRadar reported. Instead, Korean sources say Samsung will sell the phones in burgeoning smartphone markets such as India and Vietnam. This is smaller than the 3500mAh unit used on the compact Note 7, something that some pundits had previously claimed was part of the problem. This year, for the first time, Samsung is not going to be launching any smartphone. And it would only increase if Samsung doesn't observe recycling protocols for disposing the units in Korea.

The company revealed that the initial batch of Note 7 devices suffered different issues to the second batch of phones - although they were both related to the battery.

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A new image leak shows the device from front and back in full glory.

With the above research in its back pocket, fixing the Galaxy Note 7 would be easier if the battery didn't have to be so potent in the given space. It is the Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled and discontinued because of battery explosion incidents. Note 7 were recalled globally and replaced with the safer ones. You will definitely want to take this one with a dose of salt at the moment although it makes sense Sammy would want to do something with the millions of Note 7's they have in storage.

Samsung has always been in the laptop business and it just announced two Samsung Chromebooks at CES 2017. This means the tablet could break easily, and will get scratches and other marks on it quite easily.