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But instead of freaking out, The Walking Dead hero actually smiled.

Title of TWD S7E10: The 10th Episode is titled as "New Best Friends".

But having the members of two unusual factions in a risky post-apocalyptic world wait 10 minutes before asking each other some basic questions - such as, "Who the hell are you?" - is some forgivable dramatic license in the name of a more dynamic visual.

This leads Richard to ally with Daryl, who's harbouring angst towards The Kingdom for turning down Rick's request for back-up. They arrive. Jerry opens the trunk to show they're offering.

"If you join us and we beat them together, you can have much of what's theirs, more than you can imagine", he said.

The rest of the episode takes place in and around the Kingdom, where Daryl gets a better idea of what life has been like for Morgan and Carol, while King Ezekiel gets another warning that it may be time to stand up to the Saviors. The king tells Richard to give up his gun. But while his plan to lay a trap for the Saviors was a good one, his choice of Carol as bait was not.

The Saviors take Morgan's stick.

The official synopsis for Hostilities and Calamities reads: "An Alexandrian discovers they must navigate the mysterious, confusing and terrifying world within the Saviors' compound".

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It's not news to us when Carol explains why she left Alexandria, but it is to Daryl. Back at the Kingdom, Daryl is hiding until he finds the ideal plan to get into attack mode. The fact that Daryl chose to delay her heartbreak tells Morgan the two men are just alike. Per Morgan, the kitty doesn't like anyone, but of course, Daryl charms her stripes into a bunch.

The crossbow came with a catch, helping on a mission that could put the one Daryl cares deeply for in danger, Carol. Without saying much at all, she controlled her group of followers and made a deal with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) for guns and supplies. Daryl quickly ends this misapprehension, making it clear (with his fists) that Carol is off-limits.

What kind of leader is Jadis?

Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) were reunited, and it felt so good.

Now, back to the reason Gabriel ended up taken hostage by the new group. And you can see they're armed with road signs turned into knives and Jadis' own knife is a railroad spike.

As this is The Walking Dead, it's inevitable that Carol will find out the truth about Glenn and Abraham, however, it'll probably be a long way off. Carol is still intent on building herself a new life and Daryl and Morgan have both allowed her to mantain the peace and tranquility to do so; don't expect any action from Carol anytime soon. In the crowd is Rick and the gang. They barely speak, they communicate with an odd dialect, they even have unusual names.

So the Junkies and their mysterious leader - a woman with some questionable bangs and an outfit that looks suitable at a Matrix convention in Las Vegas - reveal to Rick that they did kidnap Father Gabriel, who they've held as a prisoner.

That smile suggested the strangers aren't a threat like Negan and the Saviors, but this group of people could join the people of Alexandria and Hilltop in their fight against Negan's crew. And not only can he handle himself, but the group that he's come with - the way that they're all rushing to the tubes and all trying to help him get out - there's also a love between them that I see. They evidently followed them back to Alexandria, saw the Saviors take half the supplies, and waited around to jump Gabriel in the night and take the rest, and then chose to take him as well.