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The House of Representatives passed HJ Res 43 on Thursday by a mainly party line vote of 230 to 188.

It was yet another blow to Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of low-priced reproductive services for women, which relies on the millions in federal funding it receives to keep its more than 200 centers open nationwide.

"We are simply voting today to affirm the right of states to fund the healthcare providers that best suit their needs, without fear of reprisal from their own federal government", Black said before the House vote.

The federal funds in question involve Medicaid and Title X reimbursement for direct medical services provided by Planned Parenthood such as annual checkups, cancer screenings, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing/treatment, and contraception. No democratic support is needed.

In an undercover recording of a closed meeting that was made public, Faso also was caught urging other Republican lawmakers to not defund Planned Parenthood as part of the repeal of Obamacare. It says this money helps them run their business, even if they do not receive federal funding directly for abortion. Eliminating or decreasing access to legal and safe abortion exacerbates the pain and suffering of women in this position.

Many counterprotesters then joined a rally of a few thousand people in defense of Planned Parenthood at nearby Washington Square Park. She said she was still terrified to think about what her life might have been like if she were to have had a child, especially if President Donald Trump's administration were to defund Planned Parenthood and make abortion less of an accessible option.

Significantly, a woman with a "Planned Parenthood Escort" vest repeatedly put a sign in front of my face in order to stop these conversations, telling the person with whom I was speaking that now was not the time for talk.

According to federal law, Title X funds can not be used for the performance of abortions, but pro-life advocates point out grants to Planned Parenthood and similar providers free up other funds for use in performing abortions.

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A Planned Parenthood spokesperson recently told the fact checking website Snopes that the health organization does not have "quotas" for abortions or other services.

Members of the "Crusaders for Life" pro-life youth group rally February 11 against Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Ill.

Bishop Scharfenberger of Albany noted that while Planned Parenthood does offer some "unobjectionable services" it is not unlike saying " that a man who beats his wife sometimes gives her flowers". Unger said that she is concerned that without federal funding, the organization will no longer be able to provide for all patients that come in.

Humbarger said she has noticed a change in Planned Parenthood's approach.

Pink signs, chants, "pussy hats" and a Wednesday afternoon rally served as a reminder to Planned Parenthood supporters that their fight is not over.

"Their leadership reflects the truth that women largely support stopping taxpayer funding of the abortion industry and redirecting funds to centers that offer real health care", Ms. Dannenfelser said.

If the foregoing arguments were not enough to make the case that FQHCs are more deserving of federal funding than Planned Parenthood, their well-documented history of corruption is enough to disqualify them from receiving taxpayers' money.

"We should be working together on solutions to the serious challenges we face as a nation, but instead, it's another day in Congress, another attack on women's health", Shea-Porter said in a statement.