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A grass-roots effort showing what every day life would be like without immigrants is taking place Thursday across the country, including in the Philadelphia area.

"This is a country of immigrants and a city of immigrants, and I love it when we stick up for each other here", Adler said.

José Andrés, a Spanish-born celebrity chef and vocal opponent of the President's immigration policies, announced that he would not open five of his restaurants in support of the movement.

Meanwhile, the Davis Museum at Wellesley College is recognizing the protest by covering up or removing artwork created or gifted by immigrants. "That it will really be about true reform that takes into account the human aspect of immigration".

In the Twin Cities, businesses are posting Facebook messages that they will close in support of the national protest.

Spread on social media and messaging apps, the informal though growing campaign aims to make Thursday a "day without immigrants".

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This is not the first time that advocates for immigrants have tried to point out what they say is their value to the American economy. "My staff was like, 'We feel this is something we have to do, '" she said. He said that this day of immigrants is not just about Latinos.

The protest was the latest in a series of collective actions since Trump took office from women's groups, immigrant groups and other activists. Others said this was a chance to round up and deport illegal immigrants.

Kalina Terrazas, a manager for El Burrito Mercado in St. Paul, said numerous restaurant's employees were joining the movement and the owners want to stand in solidarity with them.

"Us kids practically raising ourselves, because our parents had to work three jobs to afford rent, food things like that, but my dad was a dreamer", Barragan said.

In an email to members, the association said employees have a right to protest, that members can withhold pay for hours they miss, "however, we don't advise that you discipline employees on top of that".