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Senate Republican leaders said Tuesday that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn may be called to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of its investigation into Russia's suspected involvement in the 2016 election and the Trump administration's potential ties to the nation.

It was an issue of whether Flynn misled Pence and other officials about the nature of the call. But when it emerged that USA intelligence officials had been monitoring the call to the Russian Ambassador to Washington, Mr Flynn had to reverse course. The White House is arguing that it took Trump more than two weeks to determine that this represented a major breach of trust and national security, at which point Trump fired Flynn.

On Friday, Flynn tried to damage control within the West Wing.

Flynn was a loyal Trump supporter throughout the campaign, but his ties to Russian Federation caused concern among other senior aides.

Mr Pence had defended Mr Flynn in interviews and was described by officials as upset about being misled. A spokesperson for Pence did not immediately respond whether Pence has accepted the apology.

The White House counsel then conducted an extensive review and questioned Mr Flynn on multiple occasions before arriving at the same conclusion as Mr Trump, he added. Other aides pushed back-also anonymously. When Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a joint press conference at 2p.m. Flynn was seated prominently in the first row, between senior advisors Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner.

Flynn's departure late February 13, less than one month into President Donald Trump's administration, marks an unusuallyearly shakeup for a president's senior team of advisers.

"The administration has yet to be forthcoming about who was aware of Mr Flynn's conversations with the ambassador and whether he was acting on the instructions of the President or any other officials, or with their knowledge", he said. Minutes later she repeated the same to reporters inside the West Wing.

But barely an hour later President Donald Trump was striking a different tone.

NBC News reported Tuesday that Pence didn't learn of the DOJ warning until February 9 ― about two weeks after the White House had first been notified. When the White House learned of possible deception and lies going on right underneath its nose, it had Sean "Spicy Facts" Spicer issue a pearl-clutching statement.

Meanwhile, US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told reporters on Tuesday he wants to investigate the leaks that led to Mr Flynn's resignation. When Trump said, "I don't know about that", he simply meant he didn't know about the Washington Post report specifically, Spicer claimed.

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At today's press briefing, Spicer revealed that this wasn't true.

"There was nothing wrong or inappropriate about those discussions", said Spicer. "I'll look into it".

Flynn had claimed that the two did not discuss sanctions, a potential violation of US law. Of course, their roles were never without controversy.

As Charles Krauthammer said last night, it was quote, "Perfectly reasonable for him to do so".

The president will now have to find a new national security advisor in the midst of global risks, including provocative actions by North Korea and Iran.

Bennet, a Democrat, has joined with fellow party members in calling for a new investigation into Flynn's conversation - and who in the nascent administration knew about it.

'One has to wonder, 'Are they coming out of people in the National Security Council?

It seems clear that Flynn lied in an effort to protect his job and Trump lied in an effort to protect Flynn - and, by extension, himself.

"It is leaks", Spicer said.

"The president is evaluating the situation". "The big problem I see here is that you have an American citizen who had his phone calls recorded".