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"He was out of North Korea". But the latest story may take the cake.

The estranged half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has died in Malaysia, police in Kuala Lumpur have said.

"He asked for help from the receptionist and was immediately sent to the airport's clinic. He was put into an ambulance and was being taken to the Putrajaya Hospital when he was pronounced dead".

It's yet unclear exactly how he died.

South Korea's acting president Hwang Kyo-ahn said if North Korea was found to be responsible, it would show its "brutality and inhumane nature".

With Kim Jong Nam out of the picture, you might assume that Kim Jong Chul, the middle son, would be the natural choice for a new heir. He was described as a portly and easygoing young playboy who had a reformist mindset when it came to ruling North Korea.

Kim Jong Nam was the son of Song Hye-Rim, a North Korean actress who was Kim Jong Il's mistress. But he fell into disgrace in the early 2000s after he was caught in Japan on a fake passport trying to go to Tokyo Disney.

"There was a cousin of Kim Jong-nam who defected to South Korea in the 1990s, and he was mysteriously assassinated, and so on".

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It has been alleged that the forty six-year-old Jong-nam was poisoned by two female North Korean assassins. As former leader Kim Jong-il's oldest son, Jong-nam has been said to represent an alternative locus of legitimacy - if not power - within North Korea, where rumblings persist that Kim Jong-un's power consolidation project remains incomplete.

Mr Foster-Carter also said gang activity is a possibility, saying it is conceivable Kim Jong-nam had gambling debits. The exact details are, again, murky. And the Kim family has a habit of going medieval on family matters who fall out of favor. The highly-publicised incident caused Kim Jong-il to cancel a planned visit to China out of embarrassment.

Kim Jong Nam's son, now 21, once posted photographs of himself wearing a cross and has spoken out about humanitarian issues such as human rights and starvation in North Korea.

Both before and after the announcement, the usually reclusive Kim Jong Nam said in interviews with Japanese media that he was opposed to hereditary succession, something that not even Mao Zedong had done in China.

The U.S. government sources said it was possible that Kim Jong Nam had been poisoned.

Kim tested the world this weekend as North Korea launched a new missile which the beggar kingdom claims can carry a nuclear warhead.

What about the suspects? .

Amid immediate speculation that North Korean agents were involved, a Seoul government source cited by Yonhap News Agency confirmed the assassination.