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DeVos is an intelligent individual with many notable accomplishments, mostly outside of public education.

Del. Glenn Davis, R-84th District, supports DeVos's confirmation and disagrees with what Keam says she will mean for Virginian schools.

In remarks before the conversation, Trump championed what so far has been his administration's favorite K-12 policy: school choice.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump said little about education, but he did propose an expensive plan for expanding school vouchers, which allow public money to go toward tuition at private, often religious, schools.

It took Vice President Mike Pence's tie-breaking vote to push her over the finish line, after Democrats staged a 24-hour-long speech marathon as a stalling tactic. Nor should they be bombarded with sanctimonious litanies of prudery such as "abstinence only" to prevent pregnancies and STD.

It was not until 1954 with the Brown v. Board of Education ruling that segregated schools were deemed illegal and must be abolished.

Betsy DeVos had a contentious nomination process with educators, lawmakers and parents opposing her nomination due to her lack of education credentials and limited knowledge regarding IDEA, a federal law ensuring children with disabilities receive the services they need.

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For decades some of our public schools have bordered on useless, but they still exist. Although what goal it could possibly serve is a little confusing, since the education department doesn't really need publicity.

The billionaire GOP donor is a vocal advocate of charter schools and school choice.

United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew, said Ms. DeVos's record shows "contempt for public education". This was caused by the state government's own inability to allocate more resources to public schools, he said. "I think we can keep a locally relevant curriculum, which is sort of the "how, ' and still teach the Common Core, which is the 'what" in this equation". Grading systems have been modified so schools can look better than they are.

We pay the extra costs of a private education, don't want our children to be subjugated to the "dumbed down" public school education system. The 42-year-old law entitles children who struggle to learn or have medical or developmental challenges to a "free appropriate public education" aligned with their state's academic standards.

The ED Twitter account thought it would be appropriate that this rather legendary man should be highlighted during the US' Black History Month - to wit, they shared an image of him, along with an inspirational quote about education and life.

"Betsy DeVos is singularly unqualified for the position, having never attended public school, taught in one, served as an administrator in one, or sent a child to one".