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The new trailer is up and fans are in on new characters, possible time jump and shocking betrayals.

They're back! What a wonderful return to the second half of season 7! The series" fans would be able to take part in "viewing parties' on site and meet other singles who also take pleasure in the zombie-killing fare. The Hilltop already lives in fear and have seen what the Saviors do when they are pissed off. It may come back to bite them later in the season, literally.

Looking at Sunday night's midseason premiere, we have the official episode synopsis courtesy of TV Guide. On the official promo released for episode 10 of "The Walking Dead" season 7, Rick and King Ezekiel were teased to possibly join force to finally destroy the villain, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Have theories on who this new person/persons could be and how they'll be connected to Rick's fight against the Saviors?

However, executive producer Greg Nicotero revealed a little bit more, telling ComicBook.com: "Of course the end of the episode, when they get surrounded, and Rick smiles". More than anything, Rick needs soldiers as the Saviors are all trained bullies, and though we don't know how many of them there actually are, we do know that the Savior outpost that Rick cleared out - when he thought it was their headquarters - was just one of many. After Rick pleaded his case with Gregory at the Hilltop, he was greeted with a stern rejection.

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But why? We'll have to wait and see.

Indeed, Rick and the others are cracking smiles left and right throughout the midseason seven premiere, called "Rock in the Road". We'll see Rick and the group tested in ways we've never seen before.

Well, technically we did see Carol in this week's episode, but she's still on the lam and apparently still not interested in reclaiming her throne as the baddest suburban walker-slasher in the dystopian world.

As we look ahead, it sure seems like Rick's militia is growing. and they have dynamite at their disposal. He wants to take care of his people and he has a good reason: All the children with missing limbs are because he sent them out to fight the Walkers when he shouldn't have. "And he was like, 'That's even better, because it gives Rick and Michonne an opportunity after eight episodes of being at odds to do something together, to be on the same page once again'". As the walkers approach on the road, Rick and Michonne use the two vehicles that are tethered together by wire, to slash most of the herd in half! We had a drone come in and shot all the flying stuff, we had electric cars, I had five cameras going, we had 120 walker makeups, and we had thousands of CGI zombies. This new-found objective means that it's no longer a sign of masochism to watch the Saviours in Alexandria because the Alexandrians are not the beaten down lackeys of the past, they are revolutionaries biding their time, and gathering forces for an uprising.