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"Alexandria already fought them once and won, thought we took out the threat, but we didn't know then what we know now", said Rick. Typically this happens during a show's second season, not the seventh, yet here we are, facing the lowest ratings of the AMC apocalyptic drama that we've ever seen. There are too many films, TV shows, books, etc. for him to list as favorites, but he can assure that the amount of film knowledge within his noggin is ridiculous, though he is always open to learning more. But you might as well enjoy the time you have left - and for now, that requires taking out Negan.

They decamp to Ezekiel's Kingdom, where they're reunited with Morgan, and meet the eccentric leader of the medieval-like compound. He's all like, what?! Rick and Jesus round up the gang and travel to The Kingdom. I suspect that it will take Carol choosing to get back into the fight to convince Ezekiel, and it will take Daryl to convince her.

The group told Ezekiel - and a shocked Morgan - that Abraham, Glenn, Spencer and Olivia had been killed by The Saviors, while Eugene was captured.

On his invasion of the Sanctuary, he manages to steal a long range walkie talkie, so they can listen in on the Saviors plans and be at the ready for whatever comes next.

"If people have the chance to do the right thing, they step up", Tara said.

Benjamin H. Smith is a NY based writer, producer and musician who grew up in the 1980's and thus has a deeper understanding of zombie movies than most other people. But Ezekiel is not amused by the offer as he cares for his people who are flourishing under his rule. And with Danai Guierra's career getting bigger everyday. stop talking, Michonne! Go away. Being all rude to Morgan. Bye. "Kingdom can not grant you the aid you desire", Ezekiel said.

Best hunting: The Saviors checked everywhere for Daryl. including behind a table full of dishes. We both had sex with the same dead guy.

Rick tries to salvage things by telling Ezekiel a story that his mom told him when he was a tyke, about a rock in a road en route to a kingdom that kills the peasants' horses and destroys their wagon wheels, causing their possessions to spill into the road, yet nobody does anything about it.

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Chuffed by the news, Rick and Michonne, and Carl and Enid exchange affectionate glances.

'And you told her?' Ezekiel asked.

Considering Alexandria gets a visit from the Saviors every couple of weeks, where will Rick and the crew hide the explosives? Sasha and Rosita are not friends. Rosita redeems herself in the end. Desperate for the explosives, they carefully disarm a tripwire and barely get out of there alive. And of course, a herd is on its way. But they cut it close. They take the cars that the steel wire is attached to and drive it straight towards to walkers, slicing about 300 of them in half.

The appearance of Dr. Tongue was teased months ago on Nicotero's Instagram so I'm glad to finally see him make an appearance! After all, here are the numbers and the weapons that are exactly what they need to pull this off.

Rick and company hit the road back to Alexandria, listening in over the Saviors' radio as Negan gives a eulogy for the late Fat Joey.

But as the episode ended and the survivors found themselves surrounded by another unnamed, armed tribe, Rick flashed a smile that hinted he hoped to join forces with them.

While the identity of this new group isn't clear yet, the smile on Rick's face says it all: This is his army. We won't see any kind of help from him at all.