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Mnuchin is an executive producer on Warner Bros.' "The Lego Batman Movie", which pulled in an estimated $55.6 million from US audiences during its opening weekend.

The Joker is a criminal clown, so whoever plays him needs to be able to do comedy, which Galifianakis obviously can.

Arnett as an arrogant Batman is as effortlessly amusing here as he was in 2014's "The Lego Movie", and the movie likes to take shots at Batman's uneven history and some of the more questionable projects he's done over the years (though I wish they would acknowledge the low point that was 1997's "Batman and Robin"). The ultimate end result is films like Batman VS Superman, Zack Snyder's excruciatingly masturbatory CGI-porn mangst crusade, which I could barely manage to sit through when I saw it past year.

All of this is handled far more effectively than some of the live-action comic-book films, especially those built around DC characters. His butler, Alfred Pennyworth (Ralph Fiennes), recognizes Batman's internal struggles and adopts a young boy named Dick Grayson (Michael Cera) for him to take under his wing.

The overall theme of this movie much like the previous one promotes togetherness but does really well to understand the simple dilemma of giving up someone you care about not only to protect yourself but also them. Beneath all the silliness and snark is a thoughtful reflection on the Batman character that fills a gaping hole in his cinematic canon. The cavernous mansion stands silent, as the lonely Batman eats dinner by himself, laughs alone watching a movie and lurks about his estate.

Bruce Wayne is his brooding childlike self, saving crime and eating tons of lobster thermidor whilst rocking out and enjoying the solitary life. Director Chris McKay allows the scene to linger painfully. And doubly so if any of you are Batman fans.

In the Joker's plot to take over Gotham City and banish Batman, using Superman's Phantom Zone Projector, he trusts #HarleyQuinn to stay behind as her alter-ego, Harleen Quinzel, to prepare everything for when the rest of the iconic villains arrive.

Did you like the Lego version of the Joker? There are going to be the repercussions of what's happened in [LEGO Batman]. In fact, the Joker tries to taunt him into conceding they need each other but Batman won't budge.

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As you know, The LEGO Batman Movie topped the domestic box office this weekend with a (as of this writing) $55.6 million Fri-Sun domestic debut.

Its predecessor The Lego Movie generated $69 million in its opening weekend in 2014.

The movie's commitment to rendering its cast and setting entirely in LEGO form is impressive.

Thought-provoking as the movie may be, it's worth mentioning that things aren't entirely seamless.

It was quite an exhilarating rush to see all those super villains and monsters, all presumably from the Warner Bros. and DC canon, together in one screen.

Lay aside any inhibitions you might've had about seeing the Dark Knight storm the screen in Lego form.

The notion of the best Bat being the one surrounded by people isn't new.