Tom Brady, the record-breaking quarterback for the New England Patriot revealed that his wife the once-upon-a-time supermodel Gisele Bundchen was begged to take retire after the Super Bowl 51 championship comeback. It has been a long journey for each of them to get to five Super Bowls and have people label them the greatest and Super Bowl LI is a part of that and will go down in history.

The confetti has been cleaned up, but New England Patriots coaches, players and fans are still basking in the glory of the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. (Likely just poor grammar from a production assistant).

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady only played 12 games during the 2016 National Football League regular season. All of New England's titles have come under Brady, who collected his record fifth ring. "Rise Up" was more than a motto on the football field; it became a way of life.

I don't know if I can say that this was the most exciting Super Bowl game of all time, since for nearly three quarters it was awful, but it will be hard for future Super Bowl games to top the magnitude of the greatest comeback in the history of the sport. I recall Tedy Bruschi about 10 years ago saying "We don't lose hat and t-shirt games". But no analyst in the world could've told you how the Patriots would ultimately get there in the end.

While they aren't the greatest duo in history, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are still in the top five.

The captain also says they are aware of the historical value of the jersey, but they also want to make sure they rule out the possibility it was just misplaced.

Cameron: I totally understand both sides of the Brady vs James White argument. I knew I was like, I'm a human being, I was like, 'Golly, like I got some doubts right now.

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Gagliano's cash cow was basketball, but he says it has become increasingly hard over the years to rig what occurs on the court. Even a lower paid bench player - that player is going to get yanked if he's having a bad night.

On a play they had to have, the Patriots made a decision to use a call from the past.

I find that last one interesting because the Falcons may be coming into their prime and they were the losers this time around. And it happened on one of sports' grandest stages. Interesting when you consider that one team's boat didn't sink and managed finished the race.

McDaniels followed with a speech about playing their best half and not doing too much. Basically, it comes down to the scrutiny teams undergo when they lose.

Although, Hightower has had trouble with injuries and hasn't played a full season the last three years (2014 - 12, 2015 - 12, 2016 - 13), it's evident that when he's on the field, the defense performs much better. He said some thought the game was over. As the first half ticked down, Gostkowski's 41-yard field goal to put the Patriots on the board seemed like the tiniest of consolations.

The most popular sport in the US with the most red flags, according to Gagliano, is Mixed Martial Arts. "You look at that sport as a whole, you look at these kids - not making a lot of money".

Take a look at what happened to the Carolina Panthers, last year's Super Bowl loser, whose quarterback Cam Newton was supposed to be the Next Big Thing in the NFL.