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Gregory has no confidence in his people, claiming he does not even know how many people he has who could fight, in hopes that Rick and our heroes would back off. The Saviors will be hunting Daryl for as long as he's at large, and this may be one situation that Daryl can not get out of alive. They're looking for Daryl. And it has a rousing ending, when a Hilltopper named Bertie and some of her neighbors tell Maggie that they're ready to learn to fight.

For the live stream information, if you watch on Amazon Video, you'll have to wait until Monday for the new episode to be added. "Doesn't make us friends". In other words, consider us cynical that the show will be keeping this promise.

- "What the hell you tellin' me for?" When it comes down to it, the Saviors will stop at nothing to take out their competition and enforce Negan's law, which is why having skilled fighters on your team is an absolute necessity. Under their thumb? Killing your people?' They track him to a nearby junkyard, however instead of finding Gabriel they're surrounded by a large group of formidable young men and women and are held at gunpoint. He'll come around; he just recognizes that now is not yet the time to attack, which is obviously true because they would all get their asses kicked and the Kingdom would be left in ruins.

Back at the ASZ, Simon points at the empty cupboards and shelves and grins at Rick to get out there and, "Take some risks!"

Morgan let's Rick know what happened with Carol. It's an odd note to end the episode on, so much so that even Rick can't help but crack a smile. All three of our communities have something in common. The peace we have with the saviors is uneasy, but it is peace. "They're able to finally do something, stand up for the right thing". Was he the same one from the beginning, and we just haven't seen him in a while?

We know it's not the Saviors, since Simon visited Alexandria earlier in the episode. Do you know every detail and lesson walker-actors are taught?

The reign of Negan may be coming to a close, but how will Rick and King Ezekiel and his trusty tiger on a chain form a truce, if at all? The group is shocked to see Shiva. As Rick tells it, there was once a rock in a road that caused wagons to crash and people to get hurt.

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Perhaps it is because Ezekiel himself is not prepared and is hiding behind the previous losses the Kingdom has already suffered.

'We have people and weapons. They miraculously make it work, which reminds them all that, when the chips are down and they push it, they can make it out alive when working together. They have a brief discussion about Ezekiel - Ben says Ezekiel will keep checking on Carol because he looks after the people he cares about - and Carol gives him a tip on how to stay quiet in the woods.

As Rick shook his head, Morgan added: 'If we can find another way we have to. The foundation has been lain for a real rebellion against Negan's rule, something which may take time but is bound to result in the type of wide ranging sequences which made the saga of The Governor worth witnessing.

King Ezekiel: But they have the soft hearts of women! "Kingdom can not grant you the aid you desire", Ezekiel said.

It's been a tough season for everyone, characters and viewers alike. 'You saw their eyes.

Things get really hairy here as they're determined to get everything useful they can despite that hoard of walkers is upon them.

The next day, Ezekiel tells Rick and company that he can not join in their fight.