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Protester Liz Harrington says standing in a peaceful protest for Planned Parenthood is necessary.

A group of Planned Parenthood supporters is expected to rally down the street on the Portland City Hall steps at noon.

"These federally qualified health care centers provide a wider range of services for women and their families without providing abortion", said Blevins.

"We're asking them to stop spending tax dollars on killing innocent babies and children", said Paul Coffey, who helped organize the pro-life rally.

Protesters say because Planned Parenthood performs abortions, something some people morally disagree with, it should not receive federal funding.

Those against want Congress and Donald Trump to strip the Planned Parenthood women's health organisation of federal funding.

"The idea of defunding Planned Parenthood is actually a misnomer that's being pushed".

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A second protest formed down the road where protestors gathered along Route 104 in defense of Planned Parenthood.

It took the pro-Planned Parenthood crowd half an hour to file past, and organizers estimated the crowd to be about 4,000 people. "We want them to have good health care", Hart said.

Those standing against Planned Parenthood say the organization is lying to people who come through their doors.

Pro-life demonstrators prayed for abortion to end, as pro-choice demonstrators chanted in defense of women's rights.

"This is a question of equal rights and equal dignity of all human beings from conception to death", said student, Henry Smith. It provides abortion services at hundreds of centres.

"(Planned Parenthood) funds cancer screenings, STD checks, and everything else", Cope-Hill said. "We find that by teaching people about their bodies and about their health care we can help everyone live happier healthier lives".

Both groups said they were for women's rights, D'Auria reported.