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"They deserve a better qualified, better experienced, better prepared, and more committed Secretary of Education than Betsy DeVos", said Sen.

Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Reed of New York's 23rd Congressional District, who did not have a vote but worked as a vice chairman on President Donald Trump's transition team, said he's looking forward to working with all of Trump's Cabinet picks and he's a "firm believer in public education".

"Troubling, in that her lack of experience in public education puts the good work of Henderson County schools in jeopardy of being subjected to her bad ideas about charters, privatization and voucher programs", he said.

"Whatever the policies that come out of the Department of Education, she's going to have a fresh perspective, and I guarantee you it will be focused on parents and children, and less about where they attend school and where they live", he said by phone.

But while most of the public debate about her nomination swirled around issues affecting K-12 public schools, it largely neglected the realm of higher education.

With that said, it's no wonder that the educational establishment reacted to DeVos's nomination like Dracula to a crucifix. I wanted to continue to be respectful and to try to reflect the kind of demeanor that I think we should have surrounding these conversations. "But I don't think the outcomes we've seen in our public education system and how we compare around the world should give us any confidence that we're operating at peak efficiency and at the highest level". Two GOP senators have announced plans to oppose her, which could result in a 50-50 Senate vote Tuesday. Public schools in Texas are better than they have ever been, and Betsy Devos won't stop the progress that we are making.

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The 59-year-old mother of four tweeted a photo of herself in her office late Tuesday night, writing, "Day 1 on the job is done, but we're only getting started". As they marched, the students chanted "No ifs, no buts, no education cuts".

"There's no part of me that can support giving monies to private schools because the majority are religious based and everyone has their right to do religion but that cannot be the main priority for our public schools", Wolf said.

Trump would have been more accurate if he said that the US prison system is flush with cash. DeVos views on LBGT rights, students' special needs and sexual assault have also fueled opposition.

"It's not just one or two different options", said Joe Nathan, director of the Center for School Change. You got kids. They have friends. Vice President Mike Pence cast an historic, tie-breaking vote to confirm the West Michigan native. And while she's taking notes from the thousands of underpaid, under-appreciated public school teachers in this country, well, she can do what those teachers and millions of families are forced to do these days: she can buy her own damn pencils. The state has not passed laws that would allow public education dollars to go to private or parochial schools.

Earlier this week DeVos was sworn in as the Secretary of Education after the Vice President had to break the tie in a deadlocked Senate.