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In the last six years or so, I have heard nearly nothing about "fixing" the problems with the new health care system, but Republicans have tried more than 50 times to repeal it.

For instance, more people in rural areas got coverage by the Obama administration's expansion of Medicaid, than in cities, said Bruce Bowden, a National Association of Counties health care lobbyist.

Mary Lynn Tate, 66, of Abingdon, said the ACA has been crucial to her health in recent years. The $184 million savings from previous year were used to partially solve the multi-billion dollar budget deficit Gov. John Bel Edwards inherited, including providing critical funding for TOPS. The block grants envisioned by Ryan and Price are so restrictive that state governments will not receive additional federal Medicaid funds when those unexpected public health challenges arise. He signed up during open enrollment after missing last year's registration opportunity. "Down the road, that would mean more people would be sick, and the health care system would be more burdened".

The effect of this coordinated effort is that insurers are hesitant to continue to participate in the ACA marketplace for the upcoming year.

But now Oller is among the Kentuckians that are anxious that the health insurance she has spent years signing people up for may disappear if there's a repeal of Obamacare by President Donald Trump, even though she voted for him.

For 2017, S&P Global Ratings forecasts closer to break-even results for the individual market after what the financial ratings company called a one-time pricing correction under the ACA. While the Republican-controlled Congress is working toward this goal, it hasn't come up with a plan. Meanwhile, there's so much confusion and anxiety about the GOP strategy - or lack thereof - for ACA repeal and replacement that well-connected Washington lobbyists and policy experts are asking news reporters, "What are you hearing?" They know it's going to be unpopular, so they don't want people to see it.

Statewide, repealing the ACA would leave almost 1 million additional Pennsylvanians without health care by 2019, and the loss of tax credits and subsidies over the subsequent decade would exceed $13 billion, according to the study.

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Hundreds of thousands of people may essentially lose health insurance subsidies, face double-digit premium increases or be forced to change doctors unless Congress and the Trump administration move at what would be lightning speeds by Washington standards. A Better Way proposes protections for people with pre-existing conditions by ensuring that every American, healthy or sick, will never be denied an insurance plan from a health carrier. Premiums for ACA's benchmark plan are expected to increase by an average of 22 percent.

Medicaid is a federal health care program that mandates participating states to cover qualified low-income families, pregnant women and children, and disabled persons. "It's not that we're doing anything to make it fall apart", Griffith said.

"This is creating a tremendous amount of pressure on the higher-cost hospitals in Los Angeles, and we are seeing them negotiate absolute rate concessions with the insurers to remain competitive in these networks", which is reducing health-care costs, Weinberg said. From time to time I run into a past colleague, who works in retail and no longer has to worry about how she'll pay for testing and treatment concerning her cancer scare, or what she will do if her cancer returns. They and Sen. Mike Lee, a conservative stalwart, argued for pushing ahead on rapid repeal without waiting for a full replacement package, an approach that alarms healthcare industry groups.

But demonstrators say they just want to keep the affordable care act in place.

It is time to put an end to this ideological fixation on repealing the ACA without any idea of what to replace it with. Where we can make upgrades that improve the health of our fellow Americans, we should.

Frank Pallone Jr. represents New Jersey's 6th Congressional District.