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This is troublesome because of how frequently former President Obama stated that premiums would drop. Of course, the debate also hammered home the fact that Cruz has no interest in helping anyone other than rich Americans to get health insurance, so there's that.

Cruz also had a message for his fellow Republican lawmakers in Washington: "honor the promises" the GOP made and erase Obamacare from the books. And once it is repealed, he added, healthcare financing will be improved by "increasing competition instead of empowering bureaucrats".

"This country has more rationing than any other industrialised country on earth", Sanders retorted, "but our rationing is by income". His basic point was that people should have the right to choose their own healthcare: "I believe that we should have a system that as many people as possible are able to be on the private insurance of their choice..."

Cruz responded with a criticism of Medicaid and reinforced his argument that lowered costs would increase access to health insurance. The debate mostly served as an opportunity for me to lament that these two weren't ultimately the candidates in the general election-nobody talked about Rosie O'Donnell, for one thing, and I'm not sure anyone even uttered the word "emails". Sanders, who lost out to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, has previously called for a "Medicare for all" single-payer health plan. Rand Paul would maintain provisions keeping kids on their parent's plans until 26, as well as a two year time frame for those with pre-existing conditions to obtain coverage.

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Sanders continually made the point that the U.S. is the only industrialised nation without a universal healthcare system, pointing to Canada in the north and systems around Europe. He argued that if someone has a life-threatening disease, the government should not be keeping that person from using a life-saving drug. "There's a reason we pay more, we get a lot more, and a lot better healthcare, " Cruz said. Wait times can be long, and are in some cases rising. Cruz explained that this is because those countries ration healthcare. America's is bad for poor people, who would go bankrupt if they paid American prices. Trump's travel ban executive order wasn't mentioned at all, even when Cruz pointed out that healthcare services in the United States were so superior that people came from the world over.

Another point of contention was Cruz's opposition to socialist "rationing" in a state-controlled environment.

Obamacare isn't working because it was "built on an edifice of lies". Decades of government regulation, intervention and favoritism in the insurance and healthcare industries have largely divorced prices from any market forces, which can "control" prices better than any bureaucrat. "Should Congress move swiftly to repeal Obamacare?"