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One ad that did this well was VW's 2014 Super Bowl ad, where a father tells his daughter that every time a VW hits 100,000 miles, a German engineer gets his wings, noting that with 100,000 vehicles, the European automaker has more vehicles on the road than any other brand. According to data provided by the National Retail Federation, 17.7 percent of the viewers during last year's Super Bowl 50 - making up 43.4 million of the 189 million viewers - watched the game for the commercials.

Super Bowl LI between the Patriots and the Falcons will take place in Houston at NRG Stadium Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. ET.

For example, numerous ads shown this year touched on immigration and diversity, both of which are hot-button topics at the moment in the US. But restriction-free viewing of the Super Bowl represents a major shift away from the cable TV ogres who have kept networks under lock, key and whip for decades.

Drexel University'sRajneesh Suri, PhD, a professor of marketing and associate dean for research at the LeBow College of Business, provided some insight on what it takes to produce a successful Super Bowl commercial.

During the TV time outs there's a growing tradition that occurs on Super Bowl Sunday that everyone can enjoy, the Super Bowl ads. Budweiser salutes its immigrant rootsBudweiser This traces Adolphus Busch's journey from Germany to Saint Louis in the 1800s, as he follows his dream to brew beer.

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Rounding up Super Bowl ads that have leaked online prior to the game has become a cottage industry. "It's Beautiful", Coca Cola's 2014 Super Bowl ad featured a multicultural cast singing "America The Beautiful" in different languages. It's memorable ad, but we could see some people forgetting what it's even for since lumber isn't really the focus here at all.

The ad doesn't have an overtly political message; the ad is pretty bipartisan. "From there we then localize where that brian activity is coming from".

Super Bowl ads give non-football fans a reason to watch the annual event.

"Most people in Chattanooga may know the Unum name, but we want them to know more about our company and the value we provide to this community, to our employees and to our customers", McKenney said.

The two come across a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border - similar to the one proposed by President Trump. "The will to succeed is always welcome here", the ad says. But in the Super Bowl ad for Squarespace, Malkovich finds that someone else has registered johnmalkovich.com, and he can't get it back.