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Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo's latest jump into the mobile market but marks a big difference from Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run.

For the time being, "Fire Emblem Heroes" is available for Australian, Japanese and European Players on their mobile devices which will be expanded to other parts of the world very soon. The game is also Nintendo's second foray into the mobile platform, Super Mario Run came out exclusively for iOS last December. In Fire Emblem Heroes, skills can be equipment or special moves, so if you want your characters to get stronger, you have to make sure to not only level them up but improve their skills over time. Sadly, these "orbs" are purchased with real money.

As we enter 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes is still happening this week, and yours truly would never miss out on the chance to play that.

Fire Emblem Heroes is just one of four Fire Emblem games that Nintendo plans to launch by the end of 2018. The title has made a reported $53 million in revenue for the company, though it features a slightly different free-to-play model than Fire Emblem Heroes.

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You play as a Summoner with the ability to call upon a slew of iconic Fire Emblem heroes from worlds that span the entire series. Don't worry if your town is a little overgrown with weeds... apparently they'll magically disappear once you've downloaded the new update!

DeNA (2432.Japan), Nintendo's mobile partner, jumped 4.4% this morning. According to the official website of Fire Emblem Heroes, heroes of the game are color-coded. Of course, Ike is among the best characters in the series, so fans are doing their duty admirably. You play as one of those siblings, but these characters don't really appear in the game.

You can also fight against other players around the world in an arena mode. The familiar weapon triangle battle mechanics (think Rock, Paper, Scissors) is here as well, so it should be easy to jump right back into the action. So unless this is coming in the next month or so, it seems most likely that the game will be a Summer or Autumn release.