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It would be a mistake for the Republicans to repeal the ACA and then push a heavily partisan bill through the Congress and into law. She said providers that belong to a larger system - such as Mercy - have an advantage over independent providers because they can pool their resources in areas such as billing, payroll and legal services.

Hawaii News Now reached out to the Hawaii Insurance Commissioner to request an interview to address some of the top questions for further clarification - including whether people should be taking measures to secure their own health insurance coverage outside of the ACA. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) that insurers had not received any additional guidance from the administration about its plans for implementing the order.

Repealing the ACA entirely would mean repealing extensions made to the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Equity Act which require that mental health treatments be covered by insurance in the same way that other treatments are.

National Association of Health Underwriters CEO Janet Trautwein and Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Commissioner Julie McPeak agreed that the markets will be thrown into turmoil if they are not given some guarantees by March.

Behind closed doors last week, Republican lawmakers raised concerns about repealing Obamacare, including how to keep premiums affordable for middle-class families and whether they'll have a replacement plan in place soon enough. "ACA repeal is simply not a good deal for Kentucky". "It's great to see because of course when you see stuff like this in the news you're wondering what the consumer is going to think".

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Unsurprisingly, states that would face some of the biggest jobs shortfalls under Obamacare repeal are poorer ones that benefited significantly from the Medicaid expansion, which has provided an enormous boost to the working poor.

But Pollitz said the idea has been tried, and insurance companies insisted on charging those in associations with persistent medical conditions high rates. It expired at the end of 2016.

The insurance industry has been reluctant to take strong positions on Republicans' plans to dismantle the ACA.

The proposals underscore the difficulty in finding agreement on a replacement to the Affordable Care Act.

"It's very fair to say the situation is fluid", she said. They're rallying to make their voices heard.