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New Haven's mayor is questioning the legality of President Donald Trump's executive order to slash millions of dollars of funding for sanctuary cities.

The order also issues an extraordinary instruction to DHS to publish a weekly list of so-called "criminal actions" committed by undocumented migrants and publicly announce which jurisdictions had previously "ignored or otherwise failed" to detain the accused individuals.

According to an estimate provided by theNew York Times, at least 364 counties nationwide, which includes 39 cities, could be considered sanctuary cities.

Trump has threatened to strip sanctuary cities and counties - King County is a sanctuary county - of federal funding, mainly grants from the departments of Justice and Homeland Security. Undocumented immigrants can go to the police to report crimes or other issues without fear of getting deported. Federal grants are US economic aid that come from general revenue and are made to various entities.

The debate over sanctuary cities reached a fevered pitch in 2015 after Kate Steinle, 32, was fatally shot in the back by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez during an evening stroll with her father along San Francisco's waterfront. Grant money funds services such as community centers, health clinics and housing for low-income people. "Instead, it serves to stigmatizes Muslim refugees and the entire American Muslim community", he said. In San Francisco, city attorney Dennis Herrera is investigating whether or not the city can sue the federal government if they end up withholding funding. "And I think we have to watch and see how he does it".

Officials in Arlington say they don't consider themselves a sanctuary city either.

Donald Trump's vow to crack down on "sanctuary cities" that protect immigrants in the US illegally has met with resolve, at least so far, in some California communities.

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"This city will not be bullied by this administration", Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said, adding that he instructed city departments to rework their budgets to prepare for the possibility that federal dollars could be lost. "We're standing on strong legal ground here in the state of OR and there have also been federal court rulings here that back up our ability to be a sanctuary state".

Anand Ahuja, a lawyer and co-founder of Indian-Americans for Trump, said that cities should be held accountable.

The term "sanctuary city" has no meaning, legally speaking. "We're following the law, as long as we're doing that, our policies will not change in Prince George's County", said County Executive Rushern Baker.

"You enforce what the law is".

In his speech, Murray tied Trump's aims to other actions by the United States government that today are looked upon as sources of embarrassment. In 2003, Seattle passed legislation establishing it as a sanctuary city. The executive order says that cities that don't cooperate with federal law enforcement are not eligible for ANY federal grants, except those "deemed necessary for law enforcement purposes".

If you live in D.C., you're living in a sanctuary city.