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One of Trump's biggest campaign promises during the 2016 election was rebuilding America's infrastructure-so much so that we've devoted an entire week to it. I expect an outstanding nominee sometime soon. Democrats estimate that their plan would create 15 million jobs, an obsession of Trump's fledgling presidency and a detail in his own infrastructure plan, and would help improve veteran's hospitals.

How far and for how long Schumer's resistance to a Trump nominee can go is open to question. "He'd like it to start with a "t", but I think the number I've heard tossed around is about $550 billion", LeFrak said.

Senate Democrats, led by U.S. Sen.

"We have to wait and see what the Republican congressional majority comes out with and how it aligns with what the new administration wants to do", Schneider said.

Republicans just learned an important lesson about Chuck Schumer: Either he's not as powerful as he thought he'd be as Senate minority leader, or he can't be trusted. Schumer claimed that he'd only been speaking for himself when he promised to let Pompeo through. Also drawing criticism is the absence in some cases of completed financial disclosure paperwork and ethics agreements. Republicans are expected to roll out several competing Obamacare replacement plans in the next few days and weeks.

"The nominee will be confirmed", McConnell responded. DeVos, a billionaire businesswoman and lobbyist, has promised to resolve any possible conflicts of interests by distancing herself from the corporations with which she is associated, though hours after receiving DeVos' full ethics review, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions postponed the January 24 confirmation vote in order to fully review their findings.

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Two other nominees cleared the Senate Commerce panel. Foreign leaders typically coordinate with both parties during a visit. Trump said he plans to announce his choice next week.

"I think our argument has to be 'They're screwing you, '" Schatz added. "We appreciate the steps Democrats and Republicans are now taking to make their shared goals a reality for the thousands of citizens who need high speed internet access and the jobs that would bring". Edward Markey (D-Mass.) said Tillerson still should recuse himself from matters involving ExxonMobil's operations in Russian Federation. As I've noted before, it would be a mistake for Democrats to withhold cooperation unconditionally.

"President Obama said that the presidency has a sobering effect on people when they take the office, and what I'm doing is hoping and praying that that happens".

Schumer defended Democrats' plans on the Senate floor, saying they continue to have genuine concerns about the nominees' qualifications and ethical standards.

An infrastructure bill that relies on tax credits risks providing a windfall to investors and wouldn't be acceptable to Democrats, Schumer said. "I'm sure it wasn't a lot of them". "This isn't sport. This is serious stuff".