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I don't think that's always a - you know, to turn around and say you are intentionally lying.

"They showed a field where there were practically nobody standing there".

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather urged the news media to "step up" and call out Donald Trump's administration if it professes "lies". It's a lie. We caught (the media). And we caught them in a beauty.

"The point is not the crowd size". Trump's criticism of the intelligence community created the rift he says he is trying to fix.

Details on how the Skype seats would work-as well as who would have the ability to use them-were sparse.

Spicer was critical of a tweet on Friday evening in which a pool reporter wrongly said that a bust of Martin Luther King placed in the Oval Office by Obama had been removed.

"I have been on their cover like 14 or 15 times". After Conway told Todd, "There's no way to really quantify crowds", she said his reaction was indicative of the relationship between the press and the new White House. I've been on the cover 15 times this year. "I don't think that's a record that can ever be broken".

According to a story in Time magazine, President Richard Nixon was on its cover 55 times.

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In another interview on NBC's "Sunday Today", Conway said the coverage of the president has had a negative effect on the country's democracy.

Spicer's comments come two days after he issued multiple falsehoods in his first public appearance before the press on Saturday in a widely-criticized statement re-litigating reporting noting the relatively small size of Trump's inauguration crowd on Friday in comparison to past events.

There is no doubt that President Trump can draw a crowd-and there was a significant one that witnessed him being sworn in as the 45 president of the United States.

When asked by ABC News' Jonathan Karl about whether or not Trump's inauguration had a larger audience than that of President Ronald Reagan's inaugurations, Spicer said "I'm pretty sure that Reagan didn't have YouTube, Facebook or the internet". Instead, he insisted that the boast had grouped together both the in-person and worldwide viewers.

- TV viewing figures, released by Neilsen, reveal 30.6 million watched Trump's inauguration compared with 37.7 million (2009) and 20.5 million (2013) for Obama.

"He keeps getting told what he can't do by this narrative that's out there".

We do know a few things, so let's go through the facts.

"We allowed the press in and what happens nearly immediately?"