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And that will bring to rest all the speculations that have come regarding the probable Nintendo Switch release dates alongside the probable price tags of the device.

Nintendo anticipates shipping two million Nintendo Switch units by the end of the console's first month.

Nintendo of American president Reggie Fils-Aime says that an unexpected demographic was interested in the NES Classic, leading to a supply and demand issue. Yes, it a completely competent home console but you can take the Switch literally anywhere and play it without losing any quality in visuals or control. The Switch is powered by a custom Nvidia Tegra chipset with games running from cartridges, mirroring how 3DS games work. The device can be charged by portable batteries or by the AC adapter. I never felt my hands were too big for a controller until using the Joy-Cons on the sides of the Switch. Keep reading to see what the console is all about. The Dock Switch is handy for those looking to hook up the "Nintendo Switch with multiple TVs in the house" as it offers "everything you need to dock your system and play in TV mode". This hopefully would have gamers more at ease in terms of the regular wave of titles that they can play on it. An AC adapter and HDMI cable will also be included.

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Packed with a 32GB internal, the "Nintendo Switch" is also expandable using a Micro SDXC card. Those shoulder buttons are made easier to use when the Joy-Con Wrist Strap is attached as it makes them larger. There has been no news yet if the Nintendo Switch USB port will allow players to connect it to an external harddrive. And I think a lot of people feel that same way. Check below for a catalog of everything we know about the Nintendo Switch so far. If GameStop manages to secure 500,000 more units that'll boost that number to 2.5 million. Since then, conjecture and speculation has been rife as gamers the world over have attempted to glean any information they can on Nintendo's hope-filled return to the gaming market after the notable failure of their previous console, the Wii U. Nor does Switch support 4K resolutions.

While Nintendo focused mainly on hardware at its Tokyo unveiling event, many potential consumers of the Switch are obviously focused on the games that will be available from day one.

Nintendo's Wii U launched back in November 2012, with two separate SKUs that cost $299 and $349 respectively. This is probably why their presentation was so devoid of things like performance specifications and other hard data. After the first 10 minutes I thought it was great, an hour later not so much.