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But for now, it's looking to be a warmer than-average, not-white-but-wet Christmas.

The alert comes into force from 9am on Friday until 9am on Christmas Eve.

This year, it's a snow-free forecast between now and when Santa swoops into South Jersey over the weekend. In the graph above, which is based on U.S. Climate Normals (1981 - 2010) from NOAA's National Climate Data Center, dark gray areas depict regions where the probability of a White Christmas is less than 10 percent.

If the folks back East want a white Christmas or a white Hanukkah, God bless them.

Yes, believe it or not, in some places you can do just that! In 2015 temperatures rose up into the double digits in much of the country - in fact this August saw colder weather than Christmas day. I would have stayed right where I spent the first 68 years of my life - in the Garden State.

Take Scotland for example. The same can be said for the winter weather in Ireland.

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Upland areas are expected to have snowfall with accumulations of 5cm to 10cm possible on higher routes across the western and central Highlands. Chicago, however, might get rain instead of snow. You could win a small fortune if it snows in the city you select!

Watch abbynews.com as December 25 draws nearer to see if we'll have a White Christmas.

As of Monday, Christmas 2016 weather predictions were cloudy with a 60 percent chance of rain and a high temperature of 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

The storm is now traveling over the Pacific Ocean and is expected to move over northern California by Friday morning, bringing heavy rain, while the Sierra Nevada could see an abundance of snow, The Weather Channel noted. However, temperatures remain in the mid- to upper-40s and high pressure builds throughout the area through the end of the week.

A quick-hitting system on Wednesday and Thursday will add a few more inches of snow from the northern Plains to northern New England, but milder air will be quick to return for the weekend, said AccuWeather meteorologist Max Vido.