KXIP vs KKR Live Score

This was their first game as opponents since both were suspended by the National Football League for a cash-for-hits bounty program when Williams worked for Payton in New Orleans. Santos' 37-yarder, however, left Kansas City with just a 20.87% chance to earn the win.

The Raiders, whom the Broncos host in their New Year's Day regular-season finale, not only have a two-game lead over the Broncos but hold an advantage on most of the tiebreakers.

Three plays later, Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston sacked Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian to force the fumble and safety that gave the team a 2-0 lead.

Neither quarterback turned the ball over all night. A few plays later and K.C. was in position for a 34 yard field goal, which they made. Siemian was able to connect on deep balls and tough over-the-middle passes.

Smith missed Kansas City's November 6 game with a concussion and since his return two weeks ago, nobody had been overwhelmed. Miller is a threat when he rushes the passer. The moment was not too big for either Siemian or Smith; in fact, they both owned the moment.

All four NFC West teams lost Sunday, with the Rams and Arizona Cardinals getting blown out on the road, the Seattle Seahawks scoring only five points at Tampa Bay and the San Francisco 49ers falling at Miami to drop to 1-10.

Yes, folks, it's still OK to play dominant defense in the NFL.

If the Kansas City Chiefs wind up making the playoffs, they will be carried there by a most unlikely source.

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Kubiak said he addressed the episode with the team and stressed that the players have to have each other's back.

Despite the gaping wounds in the protection up front, Bronco fans should be encouraged by the offensive effort.All because of one guy. The Broncos needed this.

Neither of those defenses was as good as Denver's.

But if one is looking for positives, there are plenty of good signs pointing in the Chiefs' favor. But Smith showed on the last three drives of the game that when his team had to score to keep the win alive, he could carry them down the field and convert. In lieu of taking the extra point and stretching the margin to eight, Carroll opted to go for two, delivering what would have been a two-score death blow.

The Broncos late game luck was going to run out sooner or later.

But his playing time slowly increased as the season progressed. It's me showing confidence in him and confidence in our defense if it doesn't happen. My concern was heightened as I saw the offense struggle to move the ball and I almost gave up as Phillip Gaines was torched.

Nobody at Broncos headquarters is second-guessing Gary Kubiak's ill-fated decision to try a 62-yard field goal even though Brandon McManus's miss gave the Chiefs a short field to win it as overtime expired. The only other possible decision he had was to go for it on fourth down. I wouldn't just play for the tie, either.

Max Garcia continued his struggles in pass protection, and the Broncos are no doubt determining which left guards and right tackles they will go after in the 2017 draft and free agency/trades. But Kubiak essentially sealed his team's fate. But given the choice of going for victory and losing, or not going for the win to avoid defeat, the Broncos' odds are better doing it Kubiak's way.