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And I suspect the Republican Congress may not either. By striking early, the GOP could set itself up to invoke the same procedure again later in the year on a broader range of targets, including tax cuts.

Joel Ario and Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, co-managing directors of Manatt Health, released a statement regarding the future of the Affordable Care Act now that Donald Trump has secured the presidency. That's smart. Instead, they may deconstruct Obamacare pillars one by one, knocking out premium subsidies to consumers; the mandates on individuals and businesses; and a bevy of taxes, including the "Cadillac tax" on lavish plans.

"The commonwealth of MA was very far down the road on its own, implementing and supporting what for all intents and purposes was pretty close to universal coverage for everyone in the commonwealth before the ACA", Baker said.

"I smoke way too much and I'm overweight", Eller said. But he said the bill should be passed "almost the first moment after the oath of office". "What we can say right now is we have two carriers - Anthem and ConnectiCare - that are committed to the state of CT". Come January, the Republican Party will have control of the executive and legislative branches and can follow through on the pledge to repeal Democratic President Barack Obama's signature program implemented three years ago. This gets us back to our initial observation about the ACA stakeholders. In retrospect, it's now clear that those gaming the system can just assess the cost of insurance versus the penalty - save money by paying the penalty - and then sign up for the insurance later when they have a serious illness or accident. He said he would replace it, but didn't say what the replacement would entail.

At first sound, the talk of "repealing" Obamacare was quite concerning to me, but it is important to note that this doesn't mean abolishment. Far more than any other circumstance, including Mr. Trump's election and the accompanying Congressional majorities, it is the interests of the ACA's major stakeholders, as well as the interests of US citizens and employers, that will determine the law's future. "Until we know exactly what those changes at a federal level are, we won't understand how hard it will be".

Given these constraints, Republicans have lit on the idea of using reconciliation to repeal as much of Obamacare as they can, but with a delay: The repeal would go into effect in two years.

"There is an opportunity there", Price said.

Officials at the Department of Health Care Services, which administers the Medi-Cal program, declined to be interviewed for this story, saying they didn't want to speculate.

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Anderson, 60, said she had been uninsured for many years before getting Medi-Cal coverage last year.

"But it's not about facts or data or performance". During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump had promised to avoid cutting Medicare or Social Security to manipulate government spending, but also to confront deficit problems. The design of the MA law was due in large part to the work of the right-leaning Heritage Foundation, and the law was the joint effort of a Republican Governor (Mitt Romney) and a decidedly left-leaning democratic legislature. He said repeal and replace will occur simultaneously.

If the individual mandate to have insurance is eliminated, there might be incentives to encourage people to buy coverage, such as premiums that get higher for each year it's not bought, he said. "We need to work in a more coordinated fashion".

"I don't know how you could deliver that population any more services better, more cheaply, than what we've already done here", Brewer said. This is one of many reasons consumer distrust toward health insurers is growing - and rightfully so. U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan also favors a block grant approach. During his most recent Capitol news conference on November 17, he said, "We've already shown what we believe with respect to Planned Parenthood".

This won't stop the Obama administration from trying to sign us up. "Our position has not changed".

"Nebraska families continue to be hurt by this failed law with higher costs and fewer choices", Fischer tells Nebraska reporters during a conference call.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence adopted a modified version of the expansion in IN previous year. "We will share more when we have it". They're struggling with exorbitant deductibles - $6,000 per person for the typical bronze plan.

Day in and day out, the health care conversation is continually directed to drug prices, which is what insurers are hoping Missourians will focus on, rather than examining a practice that is more risky to consumer health.