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While the ending of "Bon Voyage" is about Rory's personal journey to fulfill her ambitions, "Fall" serves the journey of the Gilmore family. The second: Logan is likely the father of her unborn baby. But as fans made their way through the four-part miniseries, they discovered that the show went in some surprising and polarizing directions.

I mean, there are those last four words, for one. I reached for my daughter's hand and told her someday she'd understand why I was crying.

But the scene we did get was so, so good. If it does I wouldn't want to touch it. And I'll leave it to the fans to passionately discuss what it's about.

When you end a show with a main character saying "I'm pregnant", this is a pretty obvious question. Paris even admits that they probably love their nanny more than they love her, and later confesses that she depends on her nanny for help in childcare in a way that she didn't totally expect to happen. I feel that Rory represents his true heart and soul and his love. Not only does she struggle with job security, but she also gets involved with Logan Huntzberger and stays with him in London, despite the fact that he's engaged to a French heiress. Are Luke and Lorelai still together?

"I think that's Emily's process", Bishop said. Obviously, Rory and Logan have a mutual agreement. "And, my goal is just to inspire others as I go on with my journey, and thanks for being there for me". "That all of its important players were there, except for Ed [Herrmann who played Richard Gilmore], but it was great to have her there".

Well as it turns out it was neither, unless you count an global affair as a romantic encounter.

The ending definitely suggests that this isn't the last we've seen of the Stars Hollow gang. Of course, all that financial support isn't without logistical and emotional strings attached: See the Friday night dinner arrangement; and the way that Emily constantly meddles in Lorelei's love life. Rory asked her dad if he regretted not being a part of her life, and he basically confirmed that Lorelai and Rory were better off on their own.

In the fourth episode's final moments, Rory tells her mother: "Mom?". But according to Truesdale, he and Graham did shoot a scene that wrapped up the story. It took them some time to fully quite each other which was why their arrangement felt comforting and convenient for the time being.

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That's one piece of it. But it was always smart, always thoughtful, always speedy and kept you on your feet.

There's lots to unpack in this particular cliffhanger, but the first one is obviously this: THAT CAN'T BE THE END, CAN IT?

Happily, "A Year in the Life" proved me wrong.

Gobsmacked & honored by the Wild homage in Gilmore Girls Year in the Life.

Not anything that I've heard about.

Warning: This article contains major Gilmore Girls revival spoilers.

The final four words may be the alleged conclusion to the story, but they also open up a whole new world of possibilities for the Gilmore Girls. Maybe that "Social Network" reference means Rory is going to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. Will he ever return to mess things up for Lorelai again?

"I was really surprised!" What kind of mother is Rory going to be?