In a documentary that aired for the first time on November 21 on Russian state television, Putin said that his country may target "NATO sites" if it feels threatened.

In the scarcely two weeks since Donald Trump's surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, he and Russian President Vladimir Putin have spoken at least twice by phone.

He further suggested this kind of tense atmosphere is nothing new, comparing it to the days of the Cold War. "It's about a will and showing the readiness for normalizing the relations - these are the most important things".

"In terms of recent months and years, there would have been no reason for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to advance and commit additional capabilities on the European continent - to include American capabilities - had it not been for Russia's move in Ukraine". They reached a low point in 2014, when Ukraine's pro-Kremlin leader was toppled in what Moscow describes as a Western-backed coup.

He also referred to the construction of United States missile facilities in Poland and Romania and NATO's upcoming deployment of USA troops in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland, and future plans to deploy U.S. marines to Russia's neighbor Norway.

"As for "the reset of relations" words, we might probably agree with the president-elect, the word has truly compromised itself". Well in this case we should take counter measures, to use our missile systems to hit those targets that have started to threaten us.

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MOSCOW/TOKYO Russia said on Wednesday it hoped its deployment of missile systems on the Kurile islands would not damage efforts to settle the long-running territorial dispute between Moscow and Tokyo over the islands.

The call for defence of Russian borders comes after Kremlin senator Viktor Ozerov earlier this week claimed a defence shield of USA cruise missiles had been sent to Poland and Romania, creating a strong line of military might from the Baltic coast to the Black Sea.

The Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet has deployed batteries of the 3K60 Bal (SSC-6 "Sennight") and the K300P Bastion-P (SSC-5 "Stooge") coastal defence systems to the disputed Kuril Islands in the Pacific Ocean, the fleet's newspaper, Boyevaya Vakhta, was quoted by Russia's RT television network as saying.

But the geopolitical landscape has unexpectedly shifted in the meantime.

"NATO is trying to understand Russian Federation and not to hurt its own interests at the same time".

He also said the prospect of a good relationship with the incoming administration in Washington was not as welcome in Moscow as it might be believed.