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The shape-shifting Pokémon Ditto has official made its debut in Pokémon GO, giving fans the opportunity to catch the lovable pink blob. None of us knew about this recent addition to the game, as it was also not mentioned by Niantic, but players from around the world started posting screenshots on the Internet to prove that it finally existed. So far, in Gym battles, the Ditto does transform at a lower CP, so it may help to power up your Ditto before pushing it to battle.

Pokemon Go is arguably he single best thing to happen to mobile gaming in quite some time, over the last couple of months, after a slight decline in players, the game has taken off again. Why? That's right, Ditto is now present in the game in the form of other Pokemon. Along with that news, Pokemon GO is also getting double XP for the next week and has unveiled Ditto, a new Pokemon. Some say that when they catch some of the lower-ranked and more prevalent monsters like Zubat, Pidgey, Rattata, they suddenly turn into Ditto. According to the "Pokemon Go" team, the changes in CP will allow a more competitive and balanced training and battling experience in Gyms. However, if a player was already able to catch a Ditto in a certain area, the Pokemon will appear as itself in the given location, The Guardian reported. For those who don't know how to properly throw a Pokeball, make sure you see our guide of how you can enhance your Pokeball throwing skills. Instead of Ditto transforming after an encounter, it will transform beforehand into another Pokemon.

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How does Ditto fight in Pokemon Go? . If four people all caught the creature that it shapeshifted into, then all four people will see it transform back into Ditto.

This Thanksgiving weekend, when you're through stuffing your face and you need a break from angrily arguing politics with relatives, pull out Pokemon Go and search around.